I Know This Is Silly But About Water Breaking

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Ashley86 - October 30

Is anyone else worried to sit on there couch at this point (I am 36 wks right now but having signs of labor and dr told me today I could go anywhere in the next week or 2) I just am so scared my water will break and I'll be on my couch and get it all over it! Am I the only one worried about this? I have a light colored couch and it's that microsuede stuff that like if you spill even a drop of water you'll see it...how do you explain a stain like that to people?Like "That stain...oh nothing that's just where my waters broke" And then the person will be like "Er...no thanks...I'll stand" Anyone else feel that way ever?


staci - October 30

I think about where my water will break all of the time! I'm thinking of carrying a towel with me to sit on from now on lol! I understand about the couch deal. If anything gets spilled on mine it's there for life!


blakenabbeighsmom - October 30

lol my biggest fear was for mine to break in church.that would be sooooo embarrasing. i keep a black sheet on my couch for right now lol


c_baer19 - October 30

LOL - I wouldn't worry about it that much! Most women's waters don't break in a big gush, although some do. It's most often a trickle, or sometimes they don't break at all and have to be broken by the doctor. If you're that nervous, I'd just lay a towel on your couch all the time until you give birth! When my water broke, it was barely trickling - hardly even noticeable. The only reason I went in was because there was a little blood, and they tested the fluid and it was amniotic! Good luck. =)


emfine99 - October 30

I'm not so worried now... we got a new leather couch so it'll wipe right off lol! I am quite worried about in my bed on my new mattress though!!! It would be much easier if it happened on the toilet! :-)


KRISTINA - October 31

If you are worried and you are sick of carrying a towel around with you...with my last my water broke, and I dont really remeber why, but at the time I was wearing a pad. It was a big pad, not one of the really thin ones....but if I had not felt it, I would not even have been able to tell that anything came out. So you can try that if you are really worried. Might help.


EMMA2 - October 31

most women dont leak like you see on tv.....its usually trickles ....i wouldnt worry about a thing...wear a big pad that will abosrb most of the water.


Kiersten - October 31

Emfine, if you're worried about your mattress (I was too- brand new last year!) try putting a water resistant table cloth under your mattress pad. We were given a couple of these table clothes for wedding gifts and let me tell you, you can spill just about anything on them and it just beads up!


wantanotheraftertr - October 31

Mine broke in a gush with my first only. I was standing and my pants absorbers it to keep it off the carpet. If you are worried about it on couch or bed use the puppy potty pads then you dont have to wear the pad any sooner then necessary. It easy to move and easy to pick up. They use the same thing at the hospital under you on their mattresses. It is something that we all worry about and I think most people would just be excited for you if it happened anywhere else.


falafal0 - November 1

Hahaha - don't worry, sit on a shower curtain! Seriously, I'm pg with our fifth and it's been different each time, but usually not until the baby is almost ready to be born, literally, water breaks as they come out. It's so different for each woman. But I admit I was paranoid about my water's breaking in the shopping centre - clean up on ailse four! with my first, until it happened at the hospital 3 horus later, then ARM with my second, a few minutes befre the thrid was born, just a minute before the second was born and again, it'll be the same for this one too I bet. IT" natural, can't avoid it regardless of where, when or how it happens so perhaps jsut stay close to home! GL :-)



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