I Lost Weight What The Heck

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Fall - October 26

I went to my 32 week checkup and I lost 2 1/2 lbs, my Dr. did not seem to be concerned but I am. I have no appet_te, I get sick sometimes, and I always have heart burn. I'm measuring to date and I have gained a total of 13lbs. I'm just a little concerned because I'm small I started at 98 lbs.


tish212 - October 26

I also haven't gained much weight about 7lbs...I'm almost 31 weeks.... my biggest problem is my chest actually shrunk almost 2 cup sizes... my dr is very happy though that I'm not putting on weight...he said its better to not put on too much weight...I would think if ur dr isn't concerned then ur ok...I havet gained much weight due to no appet_te and getting sick after I eat.... I was told to try drinking ensure to get the vitamins I'm missing (i take prenatals too) so I drink that and try to eat small small meals... I'm sure ur ok :) but if ur still concerned and have lost more weight ur next appt make a point to tell dr ur worried.....


socurbaby7 - October 26

you have to remember during the day your body weight will fluccuate between 2- 5 lbs.... so it depends on what time of day and what you've eaten to make your weight... so i would not be to worried... i have only gained 10lbs my whole pregnancy and im 36 weeks so dont worry


docbytch - October 27

Hey don't worry too much. As long as your measurements are correct for dates. I only gained about 13-15llbs during my pregnancy....my son was born weighing 10lbs8oz. Not only did I lose all the weight I gained but then some...which was for me..a good thing. My boy is just over 2 weeks old and I can fit my prepreggy clothes...some of them are even big...whooohooo


jennifer_33106 - October 27

What I heard is that during the last trimester you stop gaining due to the fact that your body cant keep up with the baby's fat demands. Like you can not enough to keep up with her and your self too. I may be wrong though and if i am i hope someone tells me. haha


AmberNicole - October 27

I was 97lbs before I got pregnant, I have gained 27lbs so far. I am 31 weeks. I lost weight my last appointment, too. I think it just happens. My appet_te is slowing down as well.


Buffi R. - October 27

I gained about 12 pounds in my first trimester alone (huge appet_te), but ever since then it's slowed way down. I'm almost 32 weeks, and in the last month I haven't gained anything, staying steady. The baby is measuring fine, so my doctor isn't concerned either.



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