I M Afraid I Won T Know I M In Labor

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rebolson - October 31

When I had my first baby, my water broke and since I wasn't having contractions, I was induced a few hours later. After inductions, the nurses kept saying, "Are you feeling those contractions?? Most women would be climbing the wall with ones that strong!" I was like, whatever...and they asked if I wanted an epidural, which I took but not because the pain was so bad but that I didn't know if it would get worse/how bad it would get and I didn't want to miss the "window" for getting the epidural. I have a pretty strong tolerance for pain, so now I'm sort of afraid that if my water doesn't break, I wouldn't know labor if it knocked on my front door and said, "Hi, I'm Labor." People always say, "oh, you'll know real contractions, etc," but I WAS having them and everyone around me was shocked that I wasn't scratching my husband's eyes out from the pain. Any thoughts?


jeni23 - October 31

My experience is,with each child its diffrent,My first i didnt really feel the contractions either,but my second and so on I was in major pain!!Goodluck.


EMMA2 - October 31

Doesn't mean you'll feel the same thing with this pregnancy.


Ashley86 - October 31

I'm worried about the same thing too! I have a fairly high pain tolerance that I know of (I guess that's the benefit for me of being a klutz...lmao my body just stopped caring about pain lol)...2 wks ago I had an NST/CST and apparently I had contractions. I never even felt them (though I'm sure they were light cuz they weren't labor ones like yours. My even bigger worry though is that I'll write the real thing off as false. From weeks 25-34 I went to LD a few times and I don't wanna do that now! I don't wanna feel stupid or getmy hopesup just to get sent home so I keep paying my water breaks cuz if not, I don't know then. Guess we'll fnd out soon!


falafal0 - November 1

I know exactly what you mean. I'm not srue about the three stages of labour, but last time I was only aware I was in labour in the end stage, about half an hour before he was born. My 'contractions ' from my experiences with having four childnre, pg with fifth have been STRONG contractions. i was only able to really time them with my first, but then each baby bought less and less timed contractions and just one almight pain. BH are so so so strong that when I had them for a short while before last baby was born, I didn't think much of them, until suddenly the PAIN kicked in, one contraction basically and he was born. This time around, even a hint of pain with the BH and my midwfie is coming over. Like you, i deal with pain ok, but know when it's time to push really. Hard to describe. But that pushing feeling that baby is coming regardless is what i count as labour to me becasue i've never really known anything else. So look out for BH if you have them with a sting to them i'd say, but it's so different for each of us. GL with whatever happens!Also with waer breaking, mine doesn't until baby literally comes out with them in a gush so i dont' even have them to go by.


rebolson - November 1

Oh boy....falafal...how did you handle your last?!? Did you make it to the hospital in time??? I'm so afraid I'm going to end up having this baby on the disgusting bathroom floor here at work or in the elevator or something because won't know I'm in labor. That's what's great about water breaking... there's NO QUESTION that something's going to be happening soon! Thank you for your responses and GL to all!


durante baby - November 1

With my first I was induced and even with the pitocin Contractions were just a moment of silence in the room...lol...I would say "hold on" and do my breathing just in case they decided to side slam me with the hard ones...that never happend....with my last little boy, my water broke, and contractions never started, so i did some nipple stimulation to get them going (worked like a charm) By the time we made it to the hospital a few hours later we were laughing in between, but when one came It was mor elike SHUT THE HELL UP I DONT NEED YOU TO TELL ME HOW TO BREATH!!!! then back to laughing and haveing a good time...I had horrible back labor with this last one because he was posterior...every woman and baby is different....I wouldnt worry about not knowing if your in labor I would be happy that there is a possibility that it will go easy for you.


Brendansmom - November 1

Your contractions might not have been as strong as everyone thought. I had the same reaction. The monitor showed huge contractions and all the nurse thought I was Superwoman. I too didn't feel much of anything and ended up getting an epidural for the same reason. After 8 hours I was checked again and had only dilated from 2cm to 3cm. Apparently my belly was stretched to the limit and the monitor was picking up the slight contraction and exaggerating it. Once I got an internal monitor, it showed a different story. I'm hoping my water breaks again, I don't want to feel those big contractions if I don't have to!



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