I M Almost 37 Wks Amp Whats Your Baby S Heart Rate

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Kar - February 21

I had a doctors appt today and my baby's heart rate was 160, was wondering whats a normal heart beat, is this one in the normail range? Whats your baby's?


crystal74 - February 21

that is normal. i think it's between 130-160 is the norm. mine is usually 130's. i'm having a boy. i hear boy's are slower but that's probably just a wives tall tale.


Sonrisa - February 21

Mine is usuallly in the 130 and I head the same and I am having a boy. I have heard a girl is closer to 150-160.


Kristin11 - February 21

mine is usually 145, i too am having aboy


Steph - February 21

A normal fetal h/rate can be between 120-180. Sounds like your's is just fine.


kparker - February 21

normal is anywhere between 130-160, mine was 150 last apt, i'm 38w4d and having a boy


SaraH - February 22

160 is okay.


Rhonda - February 22

Well i am 39 wks today and i am having a girl.Her heart rate is always around 134-137.


Faye84 - February 22

Im almost 29 weeks and My baby is usually between 138 and 156 and its a girl.


missycc4 - February 22

I'm having a girl and its been running around 150- 160.


Cevvin - February 22

mine was 150 at 36 1/2 weeks.


DownbutnotOUT - February 22

I have 2 boys both HB were between 150-155 all through the pregnancy and my daughter was 120-125 though somtimes jumped into the 200's than dropped again (the nurse said nightmares or if the baby gets startled it can do that.) I have a 60-70% chance of having another boy and his heartrate is 150-160 BPM. So I a__sume the normal rate would be 120-170 maybe 180.


Carly67 - February 22

Curious Down how to you figure the 60%-70% chance you are having a boy.


lolita - February 22

I just went to the doctor my baby was 155 and the nurse said it should be between 120 and 170


Carly67 - February 22

This is my fourth pregnancy and third boy with my daughter her heartbeat was always in the 150s and with my first son it was 134-140 usually and with both of them I never had one sonogram and bought for them based on the heartbeat and I was right. With my third they told me he was a boy at 13 weeks by sono and I really don't recall his hb range. With this pregnancy the only time the heartbeat was low was the first sono at 6 weeks it was 128 but since then it has always been high and he is a boy mostly in the 150 range. I think at the last sono it might have been 138 but I am not sure. Even the nurses tell me it is in a girls range, good thing I am not going by that like my first two or this boy would be wearing a lot of pink. LOL


chriss - February 23

I am 37 and a half weeks, up until 36 wks, babies HR was in the mid to high 150's and for my last two appt the babies HR was in the high 130's to low 140's I think the HR thing is just an old wives tale and a normal HR is between 120-160!


jennylane1965 - February 23

normal range is between 120 and 160 at my hospital



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