I M Getting Scared My Baby Will Never Turn

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Fall - October 24

I'm 32 weeks and he is still lying sideways. I really want him to turn, what can I do? My doctor said he will not attempt to turn him and does not know of very many doctors who do turn the baby! (Because of the dangers) So if he does not turn on his own then I have to get a C-section. Oh, and my doctor won't schedule the C-section until my due date roles around which means I could be in the hospital over Christmas :( I don't want to leave my son and husband on Christmas I want to be with my family. Should I tell my doctor I want to schedule it a week before my due date and will he do that? Is there anything I can do to get this baby to turn? Any advise-Please!! AW ww ww w


stephannpruitt - October 24

You still have plenty of time for your baby to turn, but try this, lay with your legs propped up on the couch and your head down with a mound of pillows under your head and back for support (so you look like a human slide:) Then place a bag of frozen peas on the area your babies head is as well as a bag of peas at the top of your belly, the baby will most of the time move away from the cold of the peas and to a warmer area. Hence the peas at the top of your cervix so you don't force him in the breech position. This was told to me by my doctor although we never had to use it, she moved on her own at 30 weeks. So don't stress yet you have some time!!:)


jeni23 - October 24

Hey dont worry my son was breech till I was 37 and a half weeks,he turned on the way to the hospital to get my c section,needless to say I got to have the vag birth i wanted!!!


DeeD - October 24

Yes, you can get baby to turn. I also have had a version done as well-not painful at all-IF done by a good doctor. You can try the ironing board trick, moxibustion, the best thing that worked for me was the Websters Technique done by a Chiropractor. He turned my babies 4 times. My last baby I did have to have a c-section-but it was due to alot of different factors. I won't lie-it really stinks. It is incredibly painful. But I am so glad I have my little boy and he is healthy and I would do it all over again if I had too. You are still really early. My babies all turned at 37-38 weeks. I hope that your baby turns and all goes well for you!


Erins Mom - October 24

I completely understand - I'm in the exact same boat, 32 weeks and he's still switching it up between transverse and breech all the time. Never head down though. All the things the ladies said are true, but you can also try accupuncture as well, that's supposed to do great. The chiropractor can help as well with the websters technique. Also check out the web address spinningbabies.com. Some helpful info there that I've found as well. Good luck, hopefully our lo's will turn on their own!! I'm going to start trying these things listed at 34 or 35 weeks to try and give him some more time before I start torturing him and me. Keep us posted!


Fall - October 25

Thanks Ladies, I'm going to look into all of these ideas!! I just want him to turn :)



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