I M Just So Upset Right Now

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Tye - May 13

I am just having such a bad day and right now I am crying sooo hard I can't even catch my breath. I have no one to talk to and I am just trying to calm down. I am 39 weeks and 1 day preg. I will spare the details as to why I'm upset but Please Any words of encouragemnt would be greatly appreciated. I'm am just soo upset right now. Sob Sob sob!


1Sttimemomy - May 13

wow i wish i was 39 weeks pregnant i am only 24 weeks you just have a little while longer and you will have your baby in your arms.is this your first baby it is mine i am 21 years old .why are you upset ? if you don't want to explain that is fine .i am kinda jelouse of you i wish i was that for along.man any day now your pregnancy will be through and you will have your baby the person you created,you will have your own little family now,you will start to feel normal again,you will start to get your figure back,you will be able to eat what you want drink what you want,have your life and body back.good luck with everything and i hope you have a happy healthy labor and baby .write me back so i know that you are ok and i wouldn't mind knowing what is wrong .


angelbebe - May 13

I had a day like you yesterday. Stupid things triggered me and then I was sobbing uncontrollably. But, you know, I feel so much better after a good sob!! Gotta love hormones. You are so close...must be so excited!! I am about a week behind you and it seems like time is just crawling by!! Everyday seems to be a bit of a struggle for that reason. Don't want to keep being disappointed that nothing is happening yet. Just breath in and out and don't feel bad for getting upset. Put your hands on your belly and talk to your little one. They are feeling and listening to you all the time. Kind of gets your mind off yourself and on them...I mean that in the nicest way. It helps me pull out of my lows. Good luck and hang in there! : )


Drew - May 13

Hang in there girl. I'm having that kinda weekend...maybe if you hear what I'm going through you'll feel a little better...(c___ppy theory I know, but if it works...lol) Anyway, my first due date was April 18th, but after a couple u/s's starting at 30 weeks, they bumped my new due date to May 2nd. My little girl is a little pet_te, and he said it couldn't hurt to let her cook a little longer if necessary. Obviously my doc's a male lol! However, due to the fact that I've had pretty persistant pre-term labor since 25 weeks, EVERYONE including my doc have figured that I'd be early April. Well, April has come and gone, and here we are half way into May, and suddenly last Wedneday I get incredibly itchy. NOTHING I've put on my skin...Aloe, Calamine, NOTHING is calming this itch. It's like it comes from the inside out. I've actually got scabs (sorry, tmi!!) on my arms and legs from scratching. So, I call ldr and they tell me to come in. I get monitered and baby is doing great, so they call my doc and he orders these pills, oatmeal baths, and a good nights rest. (Like I said...he's male!!) So, I did it, and it worked, till 3:30 that morning when I woke up in agony. Sooooo, back to ldr. The nurses there teel me that this isn't all that common, but that it does happen sometimes and the only cure is delivery. So when my doc comes in on rounds he says that since I'm a week over they will gel my cervix with the lower dose of Cervadil that day, and if no pattern of labor is established, they'll go with the higher dose the next morning. So, I get the gel, and the monitering and finally get released and told to go walking. Dh and I walked our b___ts off all that day, and I was having fairly regular contractions that were intense but not really painful. So, that night we decide to go to bed for a few hours, figuring we would need to rest up. 5:30 that morning I wake up incredibly itchy yet again, and no contractions!! So we get up for a nice big early morning walk before heading back to ldr for the next dose of Cervadil, and some contractions start again, and something starts leaking. We thought I had a slow water leak, but weren't sure if maybe it was just pee from the pressure of the baby's head on my bladder during contractions. So, I tell them this when we get to ldr, and they hook up the moniters and there are still contractions, but the same as before. Not regular, but uncomfortably tight. So, my doc comes in and looks at the strip, and says that they don't like to use the cervadil if there is a water leak for risk of infection, yet they wouldn't use the ph strip to find out. And, from an obstetrical point of view he didn't want to use pitocin because he thought it may end up in a section. BUT, he was confident that I'd be back before the night was out in labor. If for some reason I wasn't, they'd resort to pitocin on Monday. So, here I sit on Saturday with no contractions AT ALL itching like mad, tired from walking.....waiting for Monday!!! Keep in mind, my first due date was April 18th...so if you go by that one, I'd be four weeks over due on Tuesday.....two if you go by the May second date. I have no idea if this even relates to anything your going through, and it probably doesn't make you feel one bit better about whatever your going through. But, sometimes it's nice to know that your not alone being miserable. Hope you feel better soon (((HUGS))) :)



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