I M Scheduled And So Excited

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Been There - May 22

Okay, so I'm only 29 weeks and still have 9 to go before giving birth. But when the doctor agreed about scheduling my c-section the other day (7/25), it just made my day. I have to have the c-section, so I'm trying to look for the bright side of it. One thing being I can plan around when I'll be in the hospital. My mother is flying up, so she can have her tickets ready. My husband just started a new job, so he can let his job know ahead of time so there's no issue. Although I've had 2 other children and thought it was a thrill to wait for the contractions to just suddenly kick in. Because I don't have the option this time, I have to find some rush of excitement in this scenario. Just had to share with someone!


San - May 22

Congrats to you! It's nice that you have a date to look forward to...mine's coming in the next 4 weeks or so..lol. Enjoy your last 9 weeks!


Mellissa - May 22

congratulations!!! i know you must be sooo excited! it's always nice to have something to plan around when it comes to things like this. my hubby is trying to get me to convince my midwife to give me a c-section so he can come home from iraq for the birth. i told him that's very doubtful. it's great that your husband is able to let his job know ahead of time that he will need the time off. and i'll bet your mom is just so excited knowing she can actually get her tickets and get everything ready! the next nine weeks are going to fly by!!! congrats again!!!! :)


3babies - May 22

Hi Been there, I am also on number three and having a c/s. I am 30 weeks tomorrow so have 8 to go. I was supposed to see the doctor doing the c/s for an actual date tomorrow, but they rang today to tell me they had put me in with my usual doctor because the other one will be in theatre. Now I have to wait another couple of weeks for the actual date! It is good being able to plan, but because I have BP problems there is always the possibility of it all going astray anyway! It's definitely a different experience having to worry about the rest of your family isnt it? My mum is coming for 2 weeks too and I cant wait!


Tillie - May 23

Yay! That's so exciting, Been There! My birthday is 7/25--so I must say, it's a great day to be born.


DeeJay - May 24

I am also schedualed for my c section, Aug 22nd. It is great to be able to plan everything, and at least have that worry put aside. When people ask me when the baby is due I say Aug 22nd 7:30 Am!!! And not a moment to soon!! Good Luck!!!


lindsay - May 24

that's so awesome! you'll be counting down the weeks, then days... good luck to you!!!


Been There - May 25

Thanks, Ladies. As much as I've enjoyed sharing pregnancy stories with you all, I'll feel really good when we can talk about our newborns.


krista-lee - May 25

your so lucky to have a real date to look forward to! ive been counting down in my MSN name since November, and now im into negatives lol. good luck! : ]



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