I M So Depressed And Fat

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d - October 27

Am I the only one who has gained more weight than they should have? I'm 38 weeks, and have gained 45 pounds! I'm eating well, not a lot of sweets, lots of fruits and veggies etc., but I can't seem to stop gaining! I'm so depressed! I feel like a cow, and I'm really worried about losing it after my son is born.


Dior - October 27

Dont feel bad. I feel the same way. I have gained about 25 lbs and I am 32 weeks along and everyday I stress about how much more weight I will gain in the remaining weeks and if i will be able to get rid of it. But try not to feel bad I read alot of magazines and most of the celebs gain about 50 - 60 lbs so you arent the only one!


R - October 27

I'm with ya. I'd gained 40lbs at my last drs visit at 34 weeks. Most of the time I'm pretty much over it, 36 weeks now & figure it won't be much longer, but my husband took some pics last night for family & they sent me into a horrible depression. I've never really fit into the charts of what I should weigh, but have always kept myself in really good shape & exercised a lot. Now that I can't do so much activity I feel like a blob. I look forward to not being prego anymore & being able to enjoy all of the activities I used to that kept me in shape. I keep telling myself that most women probably feel this way at some point while prego, with all of the changes our bodies go through. Oh well, we can't stay pregnant forever! Best of luck!


Swtpea - October 27

I am here too. I am only 30wks this week and i have gained 40pounds overall. I havent even been able to stomach sweets since I've been pregnant, so I know I dont over eat in that area. AND i cant eat big meals, so i'm forced to snack... but I do eat a lot of veggies and fruits for snacks, and small... small meals for lunch or dinner. I mainly blame mine on water weight due to salt intake. *shrugs* my doctor hasnt said a word about it, I pa__sed the 3hrs gluco test. But it is hard for me, specially since i had a hard time with body image before. I looked in my closet the other night, and saw all my old outfits i wore last winter, and nearly started crying. My brother took a couple pictures after the baby shower, and i saw them,... huge?... I didnt like what I saw. AND everytime I try to talk about this with a friend or even my mom, I hear "you shouldnt worry about it, you should be happy, its the baby, and you can get back to your old size w/o a problem" I dont hate the baby, and I dont hate my body for being pregnant. I hate my image, that I see through my eyes. So... I'm nervous, knowing i have 2 more months to go...


Jackie - October 27

I am at week 32 & have gained 45 lbs. It does suck. I am tired of people telling me that I look like I am having twins! There isn't too much we can do until the baby gets here, dieting isn't an option...


d - October 28

Thanks guys, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who feels huge. Pregnancy sure does do a lot to us doesn't it? Your body isn't really yours anymore...but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know it's worth it and I won't care anymore when I get to hold my beautiful baby in my arms for the first time. Soon!!!!!


Nikki - October 29

I probably have no right answering this question because my weight gain has been very low in both my pregnancies. However, I started out bigger than I should have for my height. I am currently due to have my second son in January and the one thing I'm hoping is that weight loss will be as easy as it was with my first son. I gained 26 pounds with him and ended up having him via ceserean due to fetal distress. I lost all of that plus 13 more pounds within 8 weeks after his birth. This was without b___stfeeding (failure to letdown) and with almost NO exercise for the first 5 weeks after the birth. Your body does amazing things after you deliver your child and it will tell you what it needs nutritionally as well. For example I have hated orange juice all my life but after my son was born all I wanted was ice cold o.j. Also don't be surprised if your appet_te decreases after the birth. The weight will go, just trust your instincts and DO NOT try to overdue it on the exercise!!!


jena - October 30

i don't know if this will make anyone feel any better- but often you gain the most weight in your last 2 months - goodness knows I have! - and honestly, that weight is BABY and WATER and it will TOTALLY come off quickly. Remember you have 2-4 pounds of extra blood alone circulating through you, as well as the baby, TONS of water (feet, hands, face!), placenta, amniotic fluids, etc. So a lot of the "end" weight really isn't fat or anything - I can't wait to see my "old face" again!


JL - October 31

Okay, you ladies are TOTALLY depressing me. I am 35 weeks and have gained 50 pounds. With my first pregnancy, I gained 50 pounds total. I am nervous about how much more I can in the next few weeks.


Christy - October 31

I don't think your weight gain is that bad. I have gained about 47 pounds and am a little over 36 weeks along. My doctors think that my weight gain has been fine and have not told me to change anything. If you are eating well and staying active (which I am finding harder and harder to do as the weeks go on- lol) then you should be fine at losing the weight after the baby comes. Most people I know gained between 35-50 pounds when they were pregnant and were back to their pre-pregnancy size in 2-6 months. I know it is harrowing, especially when you look at your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I do wonder sometimes if I will ever wear my favorite jeans again, but have faith that I eventually will after this baby comes. :)


sara - November 1

Hi everyone - did you all know that Weight Watchers has a special program for b___stfeeding moms? And even if your not planning on b___stfeeding you could just do the regular program. I lost 63lbs after my first daughter was born... but I was fat even before I had her. I got down to a size 6 jeans - hadn't been that size since Junior High! Anyway... I had the best of intentions with this baby... but I've still gained way more than I hoped. But I'm not at all bummed. Since I started this pregancy at a much, much smaller size than the last one, I'm not as big as last time. And I lost it once, and I know I can do it again. Chins up girls (double chins too!) If you want to lose the weight you can - just find a program that works for you and don't do fad diets.


Jackie - November 1

I am 35 weeks and have gained 53 lbs...so depressing. I see pictures and I look huge all around....even family has t old me so. BUT I do plan of joining Weight Watchers when i am b___st feeding...was a member before I was pregnant and it is a program that works!


Yep - November 1

I am 35 weeks and I have gained 42 pounds so far. Not looking forward to the next month of weight gain, but for me a I do eat a lot of sweets b/c I just can't help myself. I also eat healthy but it probably adds up.


sarahherss - November 1

125 pounds overweight


Mom2 - November 2

I know someone who gained 80 plus pounds. She was only 100 to begin with. I didn't know it was her, she looked so different. The good news is she lost nearly all of it, even without a diet.


Lena - November 2

Don't be so depressed!!! I've already gained almost 60 pounds!!!! And I'm 34 weeks. I was 109 to begin with. I never eat anything fattening, just lean protein, fruit and veggies, I was freaking out about it for a while. I can't even get my old jeans past my knees!!!!! And my b___t got so big, I feel like everyone is staring at it.


Rose S - November 2

I am soooooo with you......I am 32 weeks and have gained 31 pounds and still counting. I HATE going to the doctor's and getting on that WRETCHED scale. I have fantasized about breaking it...LOL...just kidding!! But seriously...I didn't start off at an ideal weight, so 31 is a lot for me to gain. I am now tippping over 200 and it is KILLING ME. I am so depressed about it that I HATE to even go out in public. I feel disgusting and can't believe I still have 8 weeks to go. God help me....I have been doing everything I can ( without starving myself of course) to halt the gaining. I have even been getting on my treadmill every day for 35-40 minutes. Doesn't seem to be helping much. You know what made it worse for me? i watched the labor and birth of my daughter the other day and I can't believe how HIDEOUS I looked then. I dread looking that horrid again. Anyways...sorry to go on and on...just venting and wanted you all to know I feel the SAAAAAMMMEEE way...



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