I M So Depressed And Fat

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Rose S - November 2

I am soooooo with you......I am 32 weeks and have gained 31 pounds and still counting. I HATE going to the doctor's and getting on that WRETCHED scale. I have fantasized about breaking it...LOL...just kidding!! But seriously...I didn't start off at an ideal weight, so 31 is a lot for me to gain. I am now tippping over 200 and it is KILLING ME. I am so depressed about it that I HATE to even go out in public. I feel disgusting and can't believe I still have 8 weeks to go. God help me....I have been doing everything I can ( without starving myself of course) to halt the gaining. I have even been getting on my treadmill every day for 35-40 minutes. Doesn't seem to be helping much. You know what made it worse for me? i watched the labor and birth of my daughter the other day and I can't believe how HIDEOUS I looked then. I dread looking that horrid again. Anyways...sorry to go on and on...just venting and wanted you all to know I feel the SAAAAAMMMEEE way...


Swtpea - November 2

*giggles* I have to laugh a little... although i completely understand and posted above, it is nice to know I am not the only one feeling this way, and you ladies have a way of making me smile. My weight gain is amongst the top of several of us... and yes still counting with about 8wks to go. **LENA** ... the jeans comment! Omgosh, I tried the other day to and it is the same with me, About to my knees and no further.... I pray that at least some of the weight in my rear end and thighs are water weight, and will go away .... thats what I keep hoping, ... truth be known I'll prolly have to work back into my prepregnancy pants... *sigh*. And I miss all my winter turtle necks and sweaters... that I cant wear. I dont even have a coat that will fit around my tummy. AND AM NOT going to just go buy a huge one for the next 2 months. So... I am wearing an old sweater from a guy friend of mine, who USED to be bigger than me. lol .... anyways. CHINS UP!! We'll get there =o)


d - November 3

I love you guys! You have made me feel somuch better. Thank you! And good luck to all. I wish you happy, healthy babies!


Christine - November 3



Jean - November 3

My doctor told me I would gain about 25lbs total, and I've gained 20 so far and I'm only 26 weeks! HA. I'm going ot hit 40 for sure and maybe more.


kaitlin - November 3

I've gained 35 already, and I'm at 32 weeks. The thing is, I don't feel "fat", and I'm always surprised when I get weighed or weigh myself and see the weight gain. It stopped during the second trimester, but I can do nothing about it this third trimester. I eat very healthy meals (ok, not on Halloween, but that was Halloween) - I much on salads and eat lots of fiber and whole grains. I rarely snack (I may eat a raisin bran muffin or some fruit, but not much). It's weird! My husband agrees that this makes no sense, and we attribute it to the baby (poor thing!) and other "stuff" in there, because otherwise, I'm not huge. I do seem to gain weight during the day and lose it overnight (all those trips to the bathroom must do the trick!). My b___bs have also gotten huge - could this be a factor in what is going on on the scale? I've grown many cup sizes (I have another post ent_tled "chest issues" about this) and my gains on the scale seem to have occurred during the first and third trimesters, and during those times, my chest has grown. Or else...I'm getting fat. Who knows? I totally agree, though - everyone seems to lose it afterwards, if they really want to.


bmp - November 4



suetaylor - January 10

i am fat


Sasha - January 10

I was 113 pounds when I started. I now weigh 175 lbs. I'm only 5'2. I look large. It's okay though. It's strange because I don't recongize myself when I look in the mirror! I gained most of the weight in the last month too. I remember gaining 16 pounds in two weeks! It must have been all that ice cream! I look at my old clothes and think, "how did i fit into that!" I've always looked extremely s_xy(pre-preg) no matter what I use to do, so this weight thing is refreshing. I l'm basking in my pudginess! Just live in the moment. Find things you like about your body. I love how I can walk down the street and men don't give me that "I want to take you now look." This weight gain has been the best because it's made me think more about who am I apart from my body. The more weight I gained and the more droopy my b___sts became I begain to realize how liberated I felt. And the more I realized how American women as a society are so defined by their bodies. I've decided recently that I am more than my body. Or infact....my body is a beautiful temple that gives fertile life. Pudginess is great! It's feeding my baby!!!



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