I M So Tired Of Everyone Telling Me How BIG I Am

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Lynn - October 28

As if I don't already know how big I am, everyone has to make an exclamation about it too. I KNOW how big I am, I'm the one who washes this belly every day, I'm the one who can't put my socks on, goes out of the house with my shoes untied because frankly, I can't even see them, much less worry about getting them tied, half the time my feet are swollen enough that the laces don't even lace up all the way anyway! Isn't there some kind of book out there on pregnancy etiquette? Like, you should always tell a pregnant woman how GOOD she looks, no matter how bad she really looks, and you should always comment on how she hasn't gained much weight, even if she's blown up like a house! And what gets me really mad - my mother is the one making most of the comments! and I get calls from my aunts and they tell me about how BIG my mother says I have gotten. And then she asks if my doctor has said anything about how HUGE I have become. Its as if she knows absolutely nothing about pregnancy, no the docotr hasn't commented on it - I'm measuring EXACTLY what I shoul dbe for how far along I am. Sorry guys, I just had to vent a little!


Jackie - October 28

I know how you feel! I went to a cousins wedding the other day and some family members that I havent seen in forever started telling me the same things! One cousins in peticular told me that I was really big about 10 times in 5 minutes...even my husband was annoyed!!! You should write that etiquette book...


Christy - October 28

I hear your pain about moms. At my shower a few weeks ago, my mom's freinds kept coming up to me to tell me, "You aren't as big as your mom said you are! You look really good." That was nice to hear, but my mom has to tell her friends that I am huge perplexes me. She has gotten better about her comments, though. I think she forgets that I am like 6 inches taller than she was when she was pregnant and that I may look bigger as a result. I have been measuring fine at all of my visits. Interstingly, most people have been pretty complementary with the exception of just a few tactless folks. I just think that some people are clueless and have no problem with making themselves look stupid. An etiquette book might be in order for those people. :)


Jodie - October 28

I have been getting the same thing! I am only 5'3" and my husband is 6'4" so there is definetly a size difference. Most people who see us together don't say anything- but when I am alone all I hear is how much bigger I am then any other pregnant women they know! I have been measuring just fine the whole time- people just don't get it!


Krissy - October 28

I know where all of you are coming from, ever since I hit about 25 weeks people have said some of the rudest comments! I've had strangers say "wow your ready to pop" and one woman said "your really big, I had a 12 pound baby and I wasn't nearly as big as you are" WHY?? What would possess these people to say things like that? Expecially former pregnant woman? I can see men saying things like that, cause they dont know any better. Just keep your head up girls, and dont let the comments get to you too much, this will all be over soon!! And remember as long as everything is measuring right, you will hopefully have a healthy & strong baby amd really thats all that matters!


Maria - October 28

I am so glad I am not the only one feeling like this about people's comments. I have received the same comments, You are huge!!! or Oh my you look like you are ready to have that baby. People don't realize how hurtful their comments are, like you said specially coming from people that have already been pregnant. I started to get concerned until I went to my monthly appointment and Dr. said you are just where you need to be, if anything you are slowing down your weight gain, which I will watch in a few weeks. Here is the t_tle for your book "What to say and not to say to a Pregnant Women".


Nikki - October 29

Hey, join the preggers club! I know exactly how you feel. I belong to a church that I attend three services weekly and sometimes it's just easier to stay home than even attempt to look like a normal person for services. I am almost 29 weeks into my second pregnancy (my first pregnancy was hardly noticeable, cruel fate!) and have gained 9 pounds. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like much but when it's all on your gut it looks and feels like 30 pounds! Every time I walk in the comments start about how I've begun to waddle (apparently I am the only one unaware of the fact that high heels are only for non preggers) and just exactly how FAT I have become! The only one sparing me the comments so far is my mother in law and I know that's just a ploy for frequent babysitting rights! Oh, well, we all have to deal with it at some point and just think about when that baby pops out and you've got your belly back in shape! See who's laughing then!!



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