I M Soooo Moody

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Gen - July 27

This is my first pregnancy, totally planned and everything is working out perfectly. I have a great husband, who is so helpful and excited, I'm a teacher and have the summer off, so no stress... so WHY AM I SO MISERABLE?!!!! I am driving myself crazy. I feel schizophrenic. My day starts off well, then BOOM, I feel moody, lazy, unmotivated etc. I don't want to socialize with anyone. I don't even feel l ike going to the mall or for a walk...but then again I'm bored! I assume this is hormones, but I really wish I could feel a sense of elation about this baby I am sooo happy to be having. Why am I feeling so down and shitty, when I'm truly thrilled about my situation? Any suggestions?


Gwen - July 27

I am sooo moody also. I'm not working and don't have any stress either. I think it's b/c I want the baby to be here so bad!!! I am getting through the days by doing stuff like this(spending time on internet). My shower is next weekend and I can't wait till after so I can go shopping and get anything else I'm going to need. I know that's going to make me feel better(buying things for my little girl).


Christina - July 27

Don't worry, you are not the only one!! I wonder the same thing and I feel the same way! I will be 36 weeks tomorrow and don't know if i will make it or not. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing I will see my little guy soon.


tj - July 27

i'm moody too. i'm not working and haven't been since day one. i'm blessed with a job that allowed me to take maternity leave as soon as i could. anyway, i have been busy throughout this pregnancy, but somedays, i'm just a monster!!!!!!! it's not bridezilla, it's pregzilla. i just had my 40th bday two days ago and my husband has been so busy with moving his office and just things upon other things that i just felt ignored when it came to my birthday. anyway, he is trying to make up for it, but i'm being a BRAT right now and you know the sad part of it is? I DON'T CARE B/C I'M SOOOOO MOODY!!! i'm 38 weeks and i'm looking forward to the moodiness to go away-SOOONNNNNN!!!



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