I M Thirty Five Weeks And My Stomach Is Still Soft

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curious - April 27

I don't get it, Is my baby small? When I feel other pregnant bellies there firm and hard. My is still kind of soft on the top, does anyone else have a soft belly? is it normal?


Kymmi - April 27

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. I am just now 38 weeks and my belly starting getting "hard" about a week or so ago. It is not "rock hard", as some women's,,, but it is still hardening. Just give it another week or two more, you'll notice your belly starting to harden up. But just remember, every woman and pregnancy is different, so don't compare yourself to what others experience.


Kara - April 28

If you are a larger person it may stay smooshy from a layer of fat. I am normal sized and at the top near my center rib cage I am smooshy too. It is just fluid. The baby just doesnt seem to know there is extra room up there. She prefers to hang out down lower. I am 38 weeks and haven't dropped yet. I think my actual stomach like to hang out up there too so when I eat it feels extra smooshy and I can hear the ga__s move around. I would not worry a bit.


melody - April 29

im 32 weeks and my belly is still soft down bellow near my private parts when i look in the mirror i see some fat hang i do know i was over weight before pregnancy so im not to concerned if i get a hard belly now ill be happy if not no big deal i still get mistaken to being a large lady and not a pregnate lady it doesn't bother me much cause i know my baby is doing good!!!!


curious - April 29

Before pregnancy I weighed 123 and I now I weigh 150 ( which is all in my belly and face). WHY ON EARTH IS MY BELLY STILL SOFT. this might sound immature but I want a hard belly 2 :(


w - May 2

Well my belly went hard from about 20 weeks, but I am a small person, however was a little overweight wen pregnant. Everyone is different I guess, but my belly is solid now!


Sisco Kid - May 2

My bellly has been rock hard throughout the pregnancy - its also shaped like a basketball so people are constantly telling me I've got a boy bun in the oven. During an exam, my doctor said I had a braxton hicks but I couldn't even tell because my stomach is always just a big hard ball. I worry that the baby is our of room and can't move enough. I'm 39 weeks, only 5'3 (short waisted) and had a flat stomach before I got pregnant. I imagine tall women with a little more room in the middle must have a much more comfortable pregnancy.



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