I M Tired Really Really Tired

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mommy2be27 - June 8

I can't seem to get enough sleep lately. Over the last 2 days I have slept 10 hrs per night and have taken a 3 hour nap during the day. Last night I slept midnight-10am, then took a nap from 1pm-4pm. It's now 6:30 and I could sleep more. I only wake up 1-2 times during the night to pee, and seem to get back to sleep fairly quickly. I'm due June 26, but the doctor says it could be earlier since I'm not sure of the date of conception- so I have 2-3 wks to go. I've been working 10-15 hrs a week for the last two weeks, tomorrow is my last day. A little back pain and ligament pain... no contractions. This is my first. Is this odd?


livdea - June 8

I think your body is just taking in all it can! Enjoy it...it wont last long!


CyndiG - June 8

I am so with you! I'm 34 weeks and I could sleep 24/7! I'm getting 9-10 hours a night and still go to my car for a nap during lunch to make it through my workday! I think our bodies are just working double time! I'm glad to know it's not just me!


Lindsey - June 8

enjoy it whilst you can, i'm totally the opposite as i'm suffering with insomnia and only getting 2-3 hours a night, so i'm tired all the time but am not lucky enough to be able to sleep.


dee23 - June 8

34 weeks here and i second lindsey.


mia - June 9

You are so lucky i can't go to bed before 12 and i'm pretty much awake at 7 every morning and i have at least one pee trip about 4 ish.and i can't sleep during the day.


elkay - June 9

I'm with you, girl. I am 31 weeks and for months I couldn't sleep at all. For the past few days all I want to do is sleep. I fell asleep on the couch this morning waiting to go to work. I need a nap right now. I think my leave from work is going to happen sooner then I wanted.


iakram - June 9

Hi - you sure you're not low on iron? That may explain why you're so tired? I hope you feel better


Jenn2 - June 9

Lucky you!! I am having the opposite. I am only getting about 5 hours of sleep per night b/c I wake up every hour to pea. I will have a hard time getting back to sleep afterwards. I try to take a nap in the afternoon....but I've always had a hard time doing that. I really would love to get a couple nights of great sleep w/o waking up.


Nita_ - June 9

We have the same due date mommy2be27! But not the same sleeping habits! You are so lucky, sleep all you can as others have pointed out. I remember my midwife also mentioning about low iron when I started feeling tired during the start of my 3rd trimester. These days, when I feel tired(if I'm home), i take a quick nap..but I barely fall asleep, its mostly just closing my eyes and lying down. At night too, I wake up 2-3 times at least and sometimes it's so hard to fall back asleep. Sleep while you can! the 10 hr work weeks also could be contributing heavily to ur tiredness!


Taneika - June 9

I read somewhere that your progesterone level shoots way up in the last trimester and that's the hormone responsible for all of the tiredness (not to mention the fact that it's hot out and your body's metabolic rate is also up by 20% while you're preggo). I'm now pregnant with my fourth child and due in Sept. This will be my second child that I'll have carried through the summer and it makes a big difference. I've also noticed that the more water I drink, the better I feel. Hang in there, and give yourself a break. Making a baby is hard work!!! I hope everyone has a happy, healthy pregnancy (and I hope we all survive the summer)



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