I Made It To 33 Weeks Yah Getting Nervous Though

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torbman - June 9

My water broke at 31 weeks and 4 days. We made it to 33 weeks today! Yah! Now i am getting nervous, about how small he will be and if everything will be ok with him. He's growing well and quite strong, and I was given the two steroid shots. I am trying to educate myself on preemie's but I think I am making myself more nervous. Anyone have any advice?


Been There - June 9

I thought there weren't going to let you go past 33 weeks. Aren't you going into the hospital? Congratulations for making it. Sorry, I don't know much about preemies. However, a preemie at 33 weeks is a lot better off than one at 31. So at least you made it this far.


torbman - June 9

He said that he won't let me go past 34 weeks. So one more week I guess. I have to have non stress test every other day. So nervous casue he will be so small, and will I get to hold him right away or I don't know just probably pysching myself out about it.


kad - June 9

hey congrats, at 33 weeks ur babies eyes and ears are formed so ur baby wont need laser surgery for his eyes well done hope u get to 34 weeks safely


ashley - June 9

Torban-I am 33 weeks and at 31 weeks my doc said that the baby was already 4lbs or so. He could be 5 lbs at 34 weeks. He may not be as small as you are preparing for yourself. Im curious at 34 weeks he really will be. Im willing to bet he'll be okay. Perhaps a little time in the hospital but not to terribly wrong. I read anothers "preemie" story and her baby got to go home after 2 days and I think she was around 34 weeks. Good luck and keep us posted!


3babies - June 9

Hi Torbman. congrats on 33 weeks. As someone else said, that is heaps better than earlier. Also, those steroid shots can make a huge difference to their lungs. My first was a 35 weeker, and I had the steroid shots. He was 4 1/2 lb but hadnt grown for a while (I think he was in the 10thpercentile?). Your baby may be as big as him or bigger. Honestly other people kept saying how tiny he was, but to me he was just my baby and I didnt feel scared at all. I was able to cuddle him straight after delivery. He was in a humidicrib for about 24 hours just to regulate his temp, but they still bought him in to my room often. He didnt need any help with his breathing. He had a nasogastric tube for a few days because he was using too much energy to b___stfeed. In the end he pulled it out so often that the doctor said suck or starve and he just took off. If I showed you a picture at four months you wouldnt believe how chubby he was! He is now nearly six, tall for his age and very smart (of course I'm not biased ;-) ... anyway we were only in hospital 9 days. I hope your experience goes well too! Just think, at least you have the benefit of the steroid shots and everyone being prepared for a prem baby. My doctor also told me that babys that are in a stressful situation in the womb tend to release their own hormones to mature their lungs too. Best of luck!


Tanna - June 11

Did you know that if your babies lungs are fully formed, whenever he/she is born, they are considered "pre-term", not "pre-mature"? We will hope for you that your baby is just pre-term, with nicely formed lungs!


jenn82 - June 13

wow, you must be so nervous, goo dluck with your baby, im sure it will be just fine, let us know when you have it!!!


torbman - June 13

Hey all, still here. I find out today when I will be induced. Little guy is growing well, however seems to be slowing down a bit. (I think he's just eating too much and can't move around much). I will let you ladies know what happens. Take care and thanks for the congrats.



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