I Need A Middle Name

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Mariela - January 6

I need a middle name!! Well I gues im going with Ariana,, I really wanted Gisele cuz ive always loved that name but thats my boyfriend's niece's middle name. My baby is due next week and I cant think of a middle name that goes with Ariana,,, any suggestions?? I dont want something really common but not something weird either.


Lisa - January 7

I went through the same dilemma. We couldn't think of a middle name that went with Monique. We went through hundreds of names (most of which i didn't like). We finally decided on the names that both my husband i originally wanted, he liked Monique, i liked Emily.....so we've ended up with Monique Emily. Try going to one of the baby name websites and try the names you like, that go well with Ariana. :-)


Maureen - January 7

Hmm, when I was pregnant before I gave birth in October, we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl. So, I also had the same dilemma as I suppose many parents have. I loved the name Arianne, and was going to name her after a my Grandmother, Ann. I was thinking of using the middle name Amelie as the middle name. But perhaps it's best to use a name that has meaning to you somehow. It took us days to find a name for our baby before he was born, be it boy or girl so don't despair. Hope this helps. Let us know what you chose. Thanks.


Jill - January 7

If my baby were a girl it was going to be Ariana Reese or Rose...but its a boy!


Jia76 - January 8

I would go with Ariana Rose. I think that's pretty. My daughter's name will be Kelli Rose.


Mellissa - January 9

Before we found out we were having a boy, the girls names we settled on were Brianna Grace.


heather - January 9

Ariana Rose or Reese is a beutiful name. Also using a name that belongs to a grandmother or someone special for the middle name can be good as well. We don't know the s_x of our baby so we had to pick 4 names hehe. We decided on Ava Kathryn and Christopher Connor. Kathryn being my husbands' deceased mother's name and Christopher being my husband's name:) Good luck!


KM - January 9

If we had a girl we were going to call her Jordyn Leigh.I find Leigh is a nice middle name


v - January 11

you should have the middle name be a special name that is already in ur family-but i think ariana nicole sounds good!! good luck


Danielle - January 21

what about Taitum? i think it sounds really cute together


n/a - January 26

I have a few middle names for you. Lexine Jeniel Lynae Shanae Rose


Moe - January 26

Ariana Jean ????


Joanna - January 26

What about Ariana Simone:)


** - January 26

I love the name Elizabeth & it would go well... I was thinking about naming my baby that if it turns out to be a girl but nobody else really wants that...that is my opinion, I think naming a baby is one of the most difficult things because they are with it for the rest of their lives, I still haven't decided on any names yet at all... Good luck, hopefully a name jumps out at you & everything goes great =)


chris - January 27

Lynn, Renai, Marie, hope that helps.


Bigbelly#2 - January 27

Howz about: Ariana Rain Ariana Joy Ariana Adelle (means noble or kind in German) Ariana Brianne Ariana Grace Or.....my personal favorite- Ariana Lauren?? (emphasis on the "en")


just a thought - January 27

What's with names now being so hippy-like or childish? Aren't people aware that a grown adult (that has to be taken seriously by potential schools and employers) will wear that name someday?



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