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MommyMeg07 - January 22

Hey Ladies! So here's my problem... I have two names that I'm deciding between for my baby daughter. (I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday.) I found out that I was pregnant one week after my boyfriend of 1 year and I had broken up. He immediately begged me to have an abortion, but I chose not too. He was around for the first couple of months of the pregnancy, then he got extremely hostile and backed out. I haven't spoken to him in almost 6 months. I've paid all the medical bills without his help, etc. Well, when he and I were still talking, we decided on a list of names for each s_x that we both liked. Now, once the baby is born, I don't know if he's going to come around or not. I'm not being unrealistic or anything, but his problem is really with me, so for all I know - he could come around and want to be a great dad. I'm thinking this probably ISN'T going to happen - but you never know. ANYWAY, one of the two names I have picked out is one that he also liked, and one of them isn't. The advice I guess I need is this, should I not go with a name he didn't like? I know he really shouldn't have a say since he's been a complete ass, but if he does come around, I don't want him to hate his daughters name. What most of my close friends have said is that he should have been around to make the final decision with me, and since I've done this alone I should pick the name I want - but I think their opinions are tainted b/c theyr'e mad at him. :) So what do y'all think? I'm sorry if this post seems confusing - I'm all flustered!! :) Thanks for your help!! :)


vanja10 - January 23

I would go with the name that YOU like, as you don't know what will happen to him. Maybe you can use the name he liked as a middle name, that way, if he does come around, he can use that as your child's name. If you don't mind, what names have you picked?


SaraH - January 23

I would go w/ the name you like unless it's a close tie. If you like both names pretty close to the same then I'd maybe pick the name you both like. But again I'd say it's really up to you -go w/ what you like. Also as vanja said maybe you could use the name he liked as a middle name.


jodylb0221 - January 23

i personally would pick the name i like the best, it wouldn't matter to me what my ex liked. he should have been there for your whole pregnancy. if you haven't spoken to him in 6 months, what does his opinion matter. and if this upsets him, too bad, i'm sure you weren't too happy when he didn't come round to see you and all that. As for the names, i really like the kamea name, its unique and definitely different.you will just have to correct people if they pronounce it wrong. well best of luck too you



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