I Need Advice Due In March

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Holly - January 4

Ok, I am in a real dilema. I am 31 weeks pregnant, due March 9. My husband and I lived in our own house and this summer decided to move to a different city. We signed to have a house built in August thinking our old house wouldn't sell for awile. Well, it wasent on the market long before it sold and we were left houseless. My mother offered to let us move in and we honestly had no other choice. Pioneer homes (our home builder) old us our house would be completed mid-Jan. As of yesterday they told changed it and now telling us the BEGINNING OF MARCH (I am due March 9)!! My husband and I have one little room at my moms house and no room for a baby. I am so depressed because I can't even make a room for him or put together a nursery. And on top of that what if we have to move at the beginning of March and the baby comes! Does anyone have any advice??


mel - January 4

I don't have any real advice on what to do. It's a tough situation, but not the end of the world. I know it means alot to you right now and is more important than anything else to you, but just to put things in perspective.....when your little one is older, you'll be able to tell them of all the hectic chaos that was going on around the time they arrived. maybe even keep a journal of all the things going on and all of your feelings. I too was forced into a situation of living with one of my parents when my first child was born. didn't get to paint a nursery, or put up a crib or anything. I was sad at the time, but the situation forced he and I into an extremely close relationship and I wouldn't change it for the world! know this doesn't help much, but try to keep a positive outlook and I guarantee, before you know it you'll be settled into your new house and into your new life with your new baby and all of this will seem miles away. take care and good luck to you!


JennyC - January 4

the causes were opposite, but you and I are in similar situations! We moved to a new city last September and have had old condo on sale since then with absolutely 0 interest in it. So now, we can't afford a new house here and are stuck in a cheap 1 bedroom apartment until we get rid of that condo. So, we are trying to plan for a way to fit the baby into our room with us, not to mention what to do with all the extra stuff we have since we moved from a 2 bedroom condo into a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Definitly not going to get to set up a nursery! Its my first too and I'm due on March 22. Anyways, no I don't have any advice, but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. My mom did move cities 2 weeks before she had my brother and they survived just fine. mel had a good point that it will make a good story someday! I'm glad you have family that is willng to help by letting you live there. You're mom might be nice to have around those first few weeks! Sorry I'm not more help. Just want to wish us both luck.


bean - January 4

I don't have advice either, but I do have a reverse story to share. My friend's baby arrived in Oct. Prior to that she and her dh spent a ton of time and money converting their office into a nursery. It was beautiful - just perfect - and then days after the baby arrived they were evicted from their townhouse due to structural damage to their neighbor that could have potentially caused structural damage to their home. The building inspector gave them 20 mintues to grab stuff and go. They were fortunate enough to have a family member close by to stay with, but now, 3 months later, they're still all living out of one bedroom with no real hopes of returning home and enjoying the nursery and home they've built for their baby. Unfortunately your story isn't unique... but everyone makes it through somehow. Best of luck to you and your family!


Heather - January 4

Hi Holly... I am in almost the same exact position as you. We signed a contract on a house the beginning of September with an estimated close date sometime in February. Our little boy is due March 10th. Well, our blue prints just came in and we meet with the builder tomorrow to sign off on them. so needless to say they haven't even broken ground on our house. Now they are saying the end of March at the earliest. We are stuck in a one bedroom apartment that we barely fit in with just the 2 of us. We even had to rent a storage unit to put some of our stuff till our house is finished. Yeah, it sucks that the nursery won't be ready in time and we will be cramped for a little bit but you have to look at it like it is only temporary. I am happy that I will be on maternity leave and will be able to stay home with the baby and get our new house unpacked. Just look at the positives! Keep your chin up!! :)


hi - January 5

congratulations on the new house and that the old sold so fast!!! My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment, but we are planning on moving to a two bedroom when the baby is about 6 months old. because before then, the baby will most likely sleep in the bedroom anyway and don't really spend any time in a nursery anyway, except for naps. And yeah, Mel is right it will make a good story in about a year! Do yo have friends who can help you move furniture etc? Or can you hire some people? You should probably not be moving anything, just stand ont he side and tell people what to do!! Which is the good job! So having to stay with your mother in one room does not seem too bad, she will be there to help and the baby sleeps in your room anyway! Good luck!!


Jbear - January 5

It's not as bad as you think...you'll probably keep the baby in your bedroom for a couple of months anyhow, giving you time to decorate your nursery after the baby comes. You'll know better by then what is useful to you, too. While you're staying at your mom's house, you should get a pack and play for the baby. Get the one with the ba__sinette and changer and organizer, and then you've got the whole setup in one small space. That's all I used for the first two months after I had my daughter...we never even went into her room unless it was to get clothes out. Once you're moved in, the pack and play will be great for trips to grandma's house or other overnights...when you take the ba__sinette out, it works as a portable crib for a bigger baby. They make sheets for it too.


jennifer - January 5

Well her is some advice that might make you feel better, ok as of now I am living at my mother in laws (in my hubbys old room!) because he is in iraq and I don't want to live by myseft, well i am in a very tiny room, so a nursery is out of the question, so what I am doing is taking one wall space of the room and making it into the babys wall, I have the crib and a little cart with dipers and toys, and on the wall I have 3 little baby pic's, I know its not much but since I am due in march 1 and my hubby does not come home till nov 2006 I figured it was the best I could do, I know you don't plan on staying with your mother forever but do something like that just to make you feel better, I promise it will make you feel better!! and it will keep your mind off of everything that is troubling you Good luck!!!!!


Jaime - January 8

It's not the end of the world,I'm going thru the same thing.We are moving at the end of March.Im due March 19.It would be very nice to start my babies room,but it will just have to wait.Just look at it this way, you have more time to plan out what you want to do with the room.Don't let this get you down,just think how happy you will be when your little one comes.Good luck on the baby and the moving.



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