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cyndrz632 - April 14

I need boy names...i have thought about Ayden Mathew but i dont know....does anyone else have any cute boy names??? I need them lol


Dia_ - April 14

My little guy is going to be named Hunter Joshua....we thought about naming him either Gunner Joshua or William Joshua, but recently decided on Hunter. I also LOVE the name Oliver...but it doesn't seem very popular with anyone but me :)


mama-beans - April 14

Colton, Corbin, Colby, Asa, Rowan, Aspen, Emmen... I'll post more when I think of them!


Chrissy - April 14

We are going to name our baby Brady Douglas or Brady Lucas if it is a boy.


mommietobe - April 14

We are naming are little boy Landon Christian. Ayden Mathew goes nice together. Hunter is my number one choice , but my brother stole it and named my nephew that. What about Parker, Keegan, Caleb, go to justmommies.com and look at their name boards. I found this a big help.


Tess - April 14

Justin, Allen, Gabriel, Alexander, Joshua, Jayden...Thats all I have in mind right now. :D


Renee-Marie - April 14

I love names that you cannot shorten. I.E. Max, Clark, Scott. I also love some of the newer names. I.E. Cayden, Landon, Hayden, Hunter, Sebastian. Sometimes it helps to see your babys face. Don't worry if you don't have a name while you're in labor. it will come to you once he's here. GOOD LUCK!


Ciera.Danielle - April 15

We've chosen Gavin Kristopher (Kristopher is his daddy's name) my cousin named her baby boy Landon Brock (which I think is adorable). Good luck!


Cecille - April 15

My husband and I have chosen Ethan Joseph. Our first is Dillon Jay. We had considered Aidan, Gavin, Jerek, Julian, and Elijah.I wish you luck, there are so many more options for girls ! ! !


Bonnie - April 15

Ayden is lovely :) My DH veto'd that one on me ~sigh~, lol. We ended up with Mason.


rachel_renee_20 - May 10

We're having a girl but we had boy and girl names picked out for a little boy we had Quenton Paul and Cameron Alexander.


dee23 - May 10

what about cayleb or tyson?



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