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BWIND - February 28

My DS will be two weeks tomorrow. I tried br___tfeeding and that DID NOT work. He's been on Enfamil w/ Lipil and w/ iron. My question is how many times a day should he poop? I feel he is getting constipated. He's been really fussy and has been spitting up some. Maybe that is what babies are supposed to do....BUT, I really think he's had a belly ache. He draws his legs up and is just fussy. He goes about a day and a half without pooping and then he'll poop a lot. Any advice? Oh yea, he is eating about 3 oz. every 2-3 hours. Is that too much?


xoxticiaxox - February 28

Okay, new born babies should poop about 2 times a day, if they are not pooping 2 times a day constipation is probably whats wrong...this sounds gross but it must be done. You need to push his legs up to his chest to see if that works...if not, then take a Q-TIP and gentle put it in his bum and pull down (very gently) just enough to open his a__s...the poop should come out...if not ask your doctor. The baby will only take what he needs. so if thats how much he eats...then its not to much. Good Luck hope I have helped


Hi - February 28

Wrong ,newborns don't have to have a bowel movement twice a day.My son has always gone once everyday to once every other day.Ask your baby's doctor and they will tell you every baby is different.It could be a gas problem he's having.Or colic or even reflux.You really should contact your child's doctor b4 inserting anything anywhere.


DDT - February 28

Hello, my DS is also going on 2 weeks old. From about 5 days old I have been feeding him a combination of formula (Similac w/ Iron) and b___stmilk. He feeds from the b___b for about 5-10mins before and after his 2oz bottle of formula. I notice poop in his diaper almost every time I change him...which is about every 2-3 hours. Sometimes its runny and sometimes harder (almost paste-like) and its a dark yellow colour. Maybe you need to look into changing his formula (talk to your doc about it). Also, maybe try giving him some b___stmilk...even if you have to pump it out. He also may be fussing because he has gas. I have to burp my DS for a good 20-30mins after each feeding to get all his gas out. GL.


cindernar - March 1

Your son sounds fine to me. I would say, though, that when they draw their legs up like that, in my experience, it's usually gas. My doctor told me to be sure to burp my baby often during feedings and prop him up on a boppy or just by holding him for 20 minutes or so after feeding him. That's supposed to help with the gas. And I'm not one of these b___stfeeding nazis, believe me, but b___stmilk did seem to help with the gas situation. We also, though, had to switch my son's formula to lactose-free, at least until he was a few months old. After that, he could take just about any formula that I give him. Some people recommend gas drops. I did them, but I honestly don't think that they worked. Try rubbing his tummy in a circular motion (I think they recommend clockwise, but I'm not sure), and that might work some of the gas out. One more thing (sorry for the novel), try pushing his legs into his body. In other words, hold his feet, and make him bend his knees into his body. Sometimes that'll help push some of the gas out. I hope I've helped.



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