I Need Pain Meds Now Can I

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andrea - September 10

I am suffering from a ciatic nerve pain for two weeks. i am gonna go to the chiropractor today, but can i ask him for percacet for pain.. it contains accetaminophin which you are allowed to take while pregnant, but i am not sure about oxycodone which is the other ingredient. I can't take this pain any longer and i can't stay in bed.. I also have 3 flights of steps to climb everyday at my apt. i can't even put pants on or get in the car, thats how much it hurts!


brucen - September 10

I have been suffering since week 13, It's week 37 now. I haven't taken any drugs for it, but pain threshold vary from person to person. Oxycodone is in the FDA pregnancy category B. This means that it is unlikely to cause birth defects. However, oxycodone may cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms, difficulty breathing, as well as other harmful effects in a newborn baby when taken during pregnancy. Do not take oxycodone without first talking to your doctor. Here is a site you can go to: Copy and paste into the address bar. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/uspdi/202392.html#SXX06 You may also want to check out the posts under "upper thigh pain and pelvic pain" in this subsection.


k - September 10

good luck in getting your doc to prescribe anything for that almost every woman goes threw it i have been threw it with three of mine and also going threw it again my legs go numb and give out on me because of the pain and i work on my feet all day long the only cure for the pain is delivery and i have to deal with mine even after delivery i hope you get what you want but you need to think about your babies health and taking meds that are really not necessary.


elizabeth - September 20

i was prescribed flexeril for my back, it does help and is a category b drug. you can take some pain meds like loratab, but your doc will want you to limit it at the end of your pregancy,due to addiction problems



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