I Need Sleep

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rainie - November 22

I'm 30 wks preg. (although measuring 36 wks) and last night was with out a doubt the worst nights sleep I have ever had! I tried back and forth between my right side and left side, the weight of my belly pulled on my back causing it to hurt really bad. I tried the pillow under belly trick, I just couldn't get it right. I have four normal pillows ranging from flat to fluffy and one extra long body pillow, and a full size bed all to myself (possibly the only perk to being a single mother). Any ideas or advice on what helps for you?


Christine - November 22

Rainie I am only starting my 5th month(about 20 weeks) and I need sleep as well...I am a normal side sleeper but anymore it seems I wake up because that side is sore so I have to switch to the other...and then sometimes I wake up on my back...which I never liked...all I can say is good luck and if you find a trick please let me know..


Jessica - November 22

I'm 29 weeks and I know how you feel. My back is constantly killing me and I no position stays comfortable for too long. I also get leg cramps which makes it worse. If you have the bed to yourself try and stretch your legs way over to the side of the bed. It makes me feel more comfortable when I can have the bed to myself and put my legs way over to the other side but that's usually when my boyfriend leaves to go to work cuz he's a bed hog. Gotta love him though. : ) lol.


christie - November 22

I havn't been sleeping well either. I'm 28 weeks and because of heartburn and backache sleep it is very hard to fall asleep.... and sleep a full night. I sleep on the couch practically sitting up. I prop a bunch of pillows behind me... under my back, my b___t, my neck to prevent heartburn... this is the only thing that helps when i can't get to sleep. I'm only 28 weeks, I can't imagine how YOU must feel... you probably think I'm a wimp. Good Luck... Not much longer


Stephanie - November 23

8months here and I sometimes have a bit of a hard time sleeping due to acid reflux(heartburn) an just plain ol being uncomfortable. Since u are a single mom an got the whole darn bed to yourself put a pill between yer legs an an pillow supporting yer back. lay on either side of you whichever u pick an instead of a pillow supporting yer stomach us a blanket or thick sheet. it will form to your shape an u will feel better as well as make sure your head is elevated because if you get heartburn its less if you are up higher (your head) an if you get heartburn breathe into a pillow til it subsides. One last trick for christine... stick yer b___t out so that when looking at you from ceiling u look like a V shape. THis is all i found to put me to sleep plenty cusion an V shape.


Deanna - November 24

33 Weeks here (about 8 1/2 months) and I haven't had a full night's sleep since about 24 weeks. I get the usual leg cramps, charliehorses, and backaches, but my REAL problem is gas build-up... I can only sleep a couple of hours at a time b/c I wake up and my stomach is so ga__sy (with built up pressure) that I can barely move. Then of course I get Braxton Hicks contractions every time I get out of bed as well. The only way I can find relief is to be up a couple of hours playing on the computer or whatever and then try sleeping again. Luckily my husband works nights so I have the bed and house to myself. This is a very hard schedule to keep if you are working (and I was) but now I am on bed rest so I have found a little relief. Anyone else have this "ga__sy build up" problem?


rainie - November 24

i get a little of that ga__sy buildup, but not really that bad. but whats the deal with the charlie horses, why do we get those? they sure are annoying


Deanna - November 24

I heard charlie horses are because of lack of either protein, iron, or calcium... not sure if that is true or not.


shelley thornton - December 9

have you tried sleeping wiyh the pillow between your legs


Sabrina - December 9

Leg cramps are due to a shortage of calcium. Becasue bone development is largest in 3rd trimester, that is when they are most likely to happen.


melanie - September 26

im 71/2 months pregnet and cant get any sleep cause my pelvis bones are killing me what can i do to eas my pain?



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