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jennifer_33106 - November 13

We are trying to create a registery for people to look at for the baby shower. We wanna add everything to this list that we need to buy so we have a list to go by after people have already purchased stuff. My problem is I have no idea, none what so ever, about what brands to get. I have a good idea of what we need for the LO but as far as what br___t pump and what carseat ect, forget it. I feel so lost! I dont have to have the most expensive brands out there but I dont want to get something that will c__p out on me either. Does anyone have any idea of a website I could go to that lists product safety ratings not based on prices alone? Or can any of you offer me some tips!? haha thanks in advance!!


LinLaceie - November 13

When I was doing my registry, when I clicked on "more info" on the item, at the bottom was other buyers opinions, and they rated them. As far as other ratings I have no idea where to find them, but the opinions given helped me decide on a few items. I would only go for the big name brands on the big stuff like carseat, stroller, crib type stuff, because that is what will get used the most, and is supposed to last. GL!


jennifer_33106 - November 13

Thanks! What are some big name brands? haha I have heard of Graco and Fisher Price but anything else to look for?


babylove4 - November 13

Hi Jenn, I mentioned in Your other thread, That Avent has a good b___st pump. I've never done a registry before, sorry can't help You there, But from my experience Peg-Prego has the best strollers & infant car seat's, Let me tell You my story......My first born was a big baby 9.6....I was given 3 strollers from my shower (Graco, Cosco & some other) I thought wow what am I'm going to do with so many strollers, anyway I ended up using all of them....# 1 wheels got stuck # 2 It squeaked to much # 3 He out grew it too fast and it was too bulky, Thank God He started to walk at 9 months & He didnt like to be in the stroller........ much... 2 years later I had my Daughter & decided to buy my stroller which was the peg-preggo, I used it with my last child & I will use it again with Baby # 4...That's how good & lightweight it is, Now If You get the updated version they sell them now with the carseat, Which If I change my mind I might get, Keep in mind they run a little pricey but worth it!!!!! Hope that helps.....O ya Babiesrus also is a good web site that's help full.......Your going to be such a good Mommy!!!!!


jennifer_33106 - November 13

Thanks brenda. I couldnt think of which brand that was. I am gonna go look at the babiesrus website too! thanks!


Jilloh - November 13

I got the Medela Pump in Style b___st pump after DS was born. It was what the lactation consultant reccomended because it is nearly hospital grade and if you are planning to use it long term then its is worth the price. I was planning to use it long term as my DS wouldn't latch and I pretty much exclusively b___stfed him through a bottle for almost 6 months. Then I had to give up because work was causing some stress and my milk supply went way down. For car seat, stroller, high chair, pack and play, swing, etc I got the Graco brand. The graco snugride car seat is the one I chose. It is not the most expensive but the feature I like about the Graco is you do not have to use the base all the time. Works great for traveling by air because you don't have to carry the bulky base too. Also if you ride with someone else for any reason you don't have to drag the base with you. We used this no base feature quite a few times. The stroller was graco because the car seat was but reality is I love the ease of the Graco stroller it has 4 position reclines and such and its not some strap you pull to recline it its positions. The pack and play was graco because it was what I liked. The swing was graco because I liked the feature of it being able to hold a slightly bigger child. The downside to the swing was DS didn't really like it. The high chair I got was Graco because I loved the way it folded up to less than 8" wide. Such a space saver. Baby bottles I have lots of them. My advice is to try one and see if the baby likes it. I had to playtex ones that were bent DS hated them, I had Gerber skinny ones DS hated them, I had them with clear nipples and with the brown nipples, I finally found that he preferred the Gerber Comfort Sport. Clothing brands are not all created equal your child may take a Newborn in one brand but a 3-6 month in another brand so don't wash all the clothes and take the tags off unless you are sure your child is going to wear all those NB sizes--take some back exchange for larger sizes. This is what I can come up with for now!


LIN - November 13

Look up any items you're thinking about buying on Amazon. As far as I could tell, that seems to be the site that has the most reviews (the more reviews, the more meaningful the rating). Epinions seems to be sorely lacking when it comes to baby stuff. Anyway, I also recommend the Medela Pump in Style b___st pump. My sister recommended it to me, as did the people at the hospital, and I got a great deal on one on Ebay.


jennifer_33106 - November 13

Thanks Jill I really appriciate it. I have heard of that b___st pump and a few others. Lin Ill look at amazon with all the things! Thanks! Oh and i didnt know about the clothing thing so i will definatly do that! thank you so much!



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