I Only Have 2 Days

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michelle - October 25

i am being induced on thursday at 4p.m. and i am starting to get really scared. i was induced with my first one and i love it, but i am just getting nervous about meeting my new one.


lisa - October 25

swap! i might have to wait till mon tue to be induced, count yourself lucky, good luck


katie - October 25

I am 39 weeks today and would love to be induced. I go to the doc again on Thursday and she said if I am at least 1 -2 cm dialated the I could be induced on Friday. I can't wait. I have been at finger tip dialation since 37 weeks and getting frustrated....good luck with your induction.


Mary - October 25

I went to the doctor yesterday at 39 weeks and there is no talk of induction for me yet. I have another prenatal scheduled for Nov 1 I will over over 40 weeks then. :(


Sophia - October 25

I'm at 38 weeks and 1.5 cm. The doctor said they wait till 41 weeks.


Ashlie - October 26

Michelle, I am going to be induced this morning, and I know exactly how you feel, wait til tonight. You should know already with being induced the 2nd time that you'll probably be up half the night wondering and worrying. I was also induced with my first son and now I am going to be induced in a few hours and Ive already broke down crying twice this morning, I am also very scared and nervous and worried even though it is my 2nd baby. But good luck, everything should go well and in a few short days you will be holding your baby and all the nerves should be settled. :)


michelle - October 26

well guys i have less than 24 hours left and the process will start. ashlie i hope everything goes good with you and hope to talk with you after your little one is born. i will be right at 38 and 1/2 weeks i am so ready but i am scared. i cried last night so bad i couldn't catch my breath. ohh i can't wait until i get to meet her. i am not going to be able to sleep tonight i will have to drink hot tea and take a hot bath to make me sleepy. good luck everyone



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