I Really Need To Vent

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babyonboard16 - March 9

Okay I went to the ER tonight, because I was feeling dizzy and having a bit of pain. The ER was jam packed so the guy at the front desk just got me into the birthing center, so we headed upstairs, I got hooked up to monitors, and everything was going just fine, I found out my blood pressure is a little up, but the doctor on call for my doctor requested blood work, okay no biggie, so you'd think. The nurse comes in, I told her which vain of mine works because I basically have only one good vain out of both of my arms, and she basically blew me off and was about to stick me right by my elbow on the back of my arm, so finally I stood up for myself, and she basically acted like I was an idiot, saying the vain was all scarred over, ironically she got blood instantly when she stuck it. Anyways, after that and she left the room I started bawling, because onie thing I HATE is not being in charge, and she told me I might have to be there for 24 hours, the bed was horribly uncomfortable, I kept telling her that, she basically mocked me, this is the third time a nurse has done this to me in an emergency situation, and it's really stressing me out. I think it has to do with the fact I'm 16 but does anyone know of a way to where I can keep more control in a hospital situation, because it's really scaring me, I was probably panicked for 2 hours, and I can't handle it without some type of help, what would you do?


gina143 - March 9

what did they say was wrong?


missycc4 - March 9

where were your parents. If your only 16 they can't even treat you. I was 16 almost 17 when I had my son. They had to talk to my mom be4 they did anything. If they nurse is treating you bad then request another nurse or talk to the Dr. about how your being treated. I had a tubal pregnancy once and the nurse was rude to me and because I said a curse word they wanted to kick me out of the hospital. I had under heavy meds so I didn't even remenber what had happen. All I'm saying is you know you best. Talk to your Dr. I get dizzy also its when my blood pressure drops I just eat something and rest. The pain I'm not sure about.


AshleyandAverysmom - March 9

I've c___ppy nurses before too. It's hard to remember that everyone (including nurses) have bad days too. I agree to ask for another nurse, but remember it isnt always an option..Sometimes your just stuck with that person. They are probally looking at you as a kid not as a person and therefore treat you as such. I'm not syaing that it is right, not at all. Dont be scared of the hospital, it is the best place to be if your experencing pain. They have seen it all, so try to relax if you can. I know you are scared but look how far youve come! Your going to do just fine, staying in the hospital is never fun, but your stay wont last forever. Whenever Im in a bad place mentally or physically thats what I tell my self " This wont last forever"... Are your parents supportive?


kerryv - March 9

are you mad b/c she didnt use the vain you told her to? no offense but you do have to remember that they do this for a living, every day- all day long. you may just be self conscience about your age and in reality she was just reacting to you telling her which vain to use, which is their job. just a thought...also hospital beds are not comfortable- there isnt anything a nurse can do about that.


babyonboard16 - March 9

Kerry to answer your question I just told her that that vein worked best for months and that i'd like her to try it because it could save us both some time. I know a nurse cannot fix what kind of bed I'm in but she started basiclaly getting onto me for rolling over. I have had some pretty nasty experiences iwth nurses in the past on top of this, and I'm tired of being treated like I have no idea what I'm talking about I am fully aware that she is the medical professional, but this is my body.


babyonboard16 - March 9

gina, i was dehydrated with slightly elevated blood pressure, they thought i might have been preeclampsic but I'm not.


danimarie - March 9

I'm so sorry you had to go through an unpleasant experience. I think one important thing to remember is to stay calm unless there is really a problem....Just because you FEEL like it is an emergent situation doesn't mean that it IS an emergent situation. And you can't really expect someone who knows that there is no emergency to treat it as such. I work in a doctors office and we get people who call and they are freaking out and saying they need an appointment ASAP. When we ask them what is going on they tell us, and to them it is a BIG DEAL, but to us it is something that can wait 2-3 weeks. They get mad that we don't add them into the drs schedule that day or the next day because to them it is "An emergency!" but we would never be allowed to add it into the drs schedule because really it is totally fine. There are other things that patients call about and they REALLY ARE emergent and usually we can get one of our doctors to see them THAT DAY! NOW....all that being said I DO think that she could have been understanding and considerate!! When patients do call here and feel like they are in an emergent situation I ALWAYS try to put myself in their shoes and EXPLAIN to them not to be worried and that everything is fine! It doesn't sound like she was compa__sionate to you or anything!! So don't feel like I am on her side and that I am attacking you cause I'm not! As the patient you need to be informed of what is going on and treated respectfully....the point I was trying to make is that if something is REALLY wrong they will treat you like something is wrong....so don't panic unless there seems to be a good reason to. Unless THEY act like something isn't normal then everything is probably ok!


Sindel - March 9

Hey babyonboard16 I'm the same way when it comes to having my blood taken. There is one huge vein visible on my left arm that no one can miss... I've had many nurses try to take blood from my other arm and have been stabbed numerous times before they switch to the other side. My husband actually freaked out on a nurse after his sixth attempt to draw blood from me during a routine blood test and got another nurse.. I'm on my 3rd pregnancy, 1 being a ruptured tubal pregnancy resulting in emergency surgery, so I always politely say "oh this arm seems to be the easiest to draw blood from" and point to the vein. Whenever I say that they usually go right to that arm. I did however have one nurse try and he got it right away with no problems but I was anxious, tense and felt a bit panicked because I was waiting for him to have to try more than once. Also if you feel you are truley being mistreated by someone get their name and make a complaint to the hospital. Everyone has bad days but that doesnt make it right for them to mistreat you when you are already upset and thinking something could be wrong with you and/or your baby. Good Luck


babyonboard16 - March 9

Thanks for the advice to explain a little more because I was still a little freaked when I wrote that, I really cannot stand being stuck on the monitors, because everytime I so much as roll over it always looses her heart beat and i get nurses coming in seeming angry with me. The whole emergency situation thing was I didn't feel as if it was one, and the nurse basically made it sound like I'd be stuck there for a day, and I was scared of that. I've decided to hire a doula because I need to have someone to back me up. Yes my mom and boyfriend are there, but I don't want to depend on them completely.



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