I Slipped Up Last Night Could There Be Damage

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Mrs.Steve - October 7

Dh and I went to Chili's last night for takeout. I had a ribeye steak. It was medium rare. I know I shouldn't have, but I could see that it was closer to rare and I took a bite. After that I nuked it in the microwave some more. But I still had that bite. I'm 36 weeks. I had nightmares all night about my baby dying because I ate that steak the way it was. Could I have caused any serious damage? I know that toxoplasmosis is relatively rare, but it isn't rare enough to not worry about it. I feel so irresponsible right now. I've managed to not drink, not have caffeine, but when it comes to foods I should stay away from it's been a struggle for me. My perinatologist told me way back in the 5th month that I shouldn't stress about the meat thing, but I am. In the beginning of my pregnancy I didn't know it wasn't ok to eat it medium rare. But last nite I KNEW and took that bite anyway. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Could I have really hurt my baby?


Tory1980 - October 7

Straight answer - NO! Of course not sweetheart. Stop panicing, just make sure all meat is thoroughly cooked from now on!


TiffanyRae - October 7

no. if anything the stress that you are putting on yourself is worse. Just don't do it again. Simple! :)


jennifer_33106 - October 7

haha when I read the t_tle I was thinking OH no!! someone drank or worse. haha I wouldnt worry at all. I slip everynow and then and have my eggs over medium when they sould be scrambled. I think you are fine. :)


claire83 - October 7

well if it makes you feel better im on my fourth baby and always have my steak medium rare and never had a problem


Happymommy - October 7

You don't have to worry about steak at all. It is not a meat that contains the bacteria that some others can--like hamburger, pork, chicken, etc. If it wasn't safe it would be illegal for restaurants to offer rare and medium rare to anyone pregnant or not. So don't worry! :)


docbytch - October 7

Mrs Steve: I have eaten all my steaks medium rare this pg. There is an extremely LOW likelihood of your baby contracting Listeriosis or Trichinosis in this day and age. And I work in healthcare at that. Well-done steaks are freaking gross. It's like chewing leather. Don't worry okay? Especially if your doc said it's nothing to worry over..... 8-)


WP - October 7

Just to make you feel better, just like Happymommy said, steak isn't a big risk for bacteria. If it had any bacteria, it would be on the surface, not in the middle of the meat, and killed off once it is cooked. That why hamburger is usually the culprit: the meat is all ground up, so the surface bacteria is spread throughout.


Mrs.Steve - October 7

Oh, ok. Yeah, I do think that well done steak is gross. Makes you not even want to eat it. I love a really good steak. I'm not much into hamburger, but I'm a huge beef lover (ribeyes, rib roasts, new york strips, filets) and all that yummy stuff. Thanks everyone for your input! I feel much better now.


alirenee86 - October 7

I think you're a million percent fine... ...I don't like my meat rare, but I'm sure there's A LOT of other foods and things you can put into your body that is way worse than one bite of rare steak. I would not stress that in the least.


redmondsky - October 7

We had our first in 2003 - didn't even know about this whole listeria thing: feta cheese, sandwich meats, goat cheese etc...I ate them all throughout the entire pregnancy 'cause we didn't know that we shouldn't. Our son is just fine...



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