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margie - November 15

if one more person tells me something like "it looks like youre really ready for that baby to come out!" or "i dont think youre going to make it to your due date!" im going to be so upset...it doesnt make me mad but it just enhances my anxiety and makes me more impatient to hold this baby! plus, its sooo not true that you can tell how soon im going to have her by how big i am, its true my stomach is HUGE!!! but, she is estimated to weigh just the right size for how old she is...my sister was waaaaay bigger than me and she was 2 weeks overdue with both her daughters! eek! i hope that she does come around christmas, i really want to have a christmas baby so bad.....not a new years baby!


tish212 - November 15

I get the same thing when someone asks when I'm due and I tell them the date their mouths drop open and they ask me are u sure... what is that?!? my baby measures about a week and a half over but they are sure I'm due in like a week...I have like 6 weeks left! I'm so sick of people even noticing I'm pregnant cuz I hate dealing with the when r u due questions...I had a lady look at me at the store the other day..and said I think ur gonna have that baby today...I looked at her and said I sure hope not cuz then it would be 6 weeks too soon! I'm sorr but this everyone being an expert on telling ur due date bye ur size gets under my skin! ugggg so I am 100% there with ya ! I have never once said anything like that to a pregnant woman nor do I ever plan on it so why do others do it?


babylove4 - November 15

I'm 30 weeks today........uhhh duh how many months is that?? People at that point are trying to figure out I have 2 more months to go, Even people who I thought were nice, there NOT!!!! telling me I look 10 months is mean, My md told me today it's all baby & not to worry she will be a healthy one..... :o)


HeatherIsHopeful - November 15

lol.. sorry, Im still in my first trimester but I just find it amusing who everyone on that board is like "omg, I cant wait till I start showing!!" "Im 7 weeks and I swear Im showing" and all that and you guys in your 3rd tri are like "I hate showing because people re dumb" lol sorry its just kinda funny to me.. good luck with your people problems guys. -Heather<3


Karon_27 - November 15

Eventhough im the husband I even get sick of people coming up to my wife and I and saying when r u guys do? We tell them and they're like omg..I thought u would've gone along time ago! I'm like well how about this.....y don't u go....AWAY!!


star_eyes - November 16

It seems like people just can't help themselves and think it's their right to be able to have an opinion on your size while you're pregnant. People don't openly talk about your size when you're not pregnant so why do they think they can when you are pregnant?! It is annoying. I get "you're so small" as well as other people say "you're getting big"!! I can't figure it out. My doc says I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be so not to worry about it!!! Maybe it's just nature's way of preparing us to be patient with otheres!!


mrssolo - November 16

I hear you! As everyone knows I'm haiving twins and everyday ppl say... OMG are you in labor! ...I say No. Then they say when are you due? and ....I say Dec., their mouths drop and hit the floor. Then they say...how many babies are in there? I say only two, lol. I mean don't they think I know I'm measuring 45 weeks pregnant even though I'm only 35 weeks. I think back to when I first started showing and I was about 3 months pregnant and one of my very heavy set friends said "OMG you are as big as I was at 9 months" first off I wasn't and second off what am I now? I still don't look as big as her and she had the baby 3 & 1/2 years ago. Yet she insist on making coments about how big I am ever time I see her. Another thing thats driving me crazy. My mom calling everyday to see if I'm still pregnant... No mom I had the babies this morning, but I'm home now, sorry I forgot to call..... Or my dad saying every day I'm tried of waiting..., OH, I'm not I could go another 9 months may be by then I will just be stomach and no one will talk to me anymore. I just don't get it but especially from other moms. Don't they remember what it was like in the end?


star_eyes - November 16

Mrs. Solo your post made me laugh!!! I love it. I think people forget what it was like for them and maybe your friend makes comments about you because it makes her feel better about herself.



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