I Swear Is This Labor Is It Not I Dont Know HELP

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Cassie06 - July 10

This is so frustrating. I have been having really close and intense braxton hicks (i think!) contractions for a few days now. My discharge has gotten thicker, and when I have the contraction I also get intense pain in my lower back. The baby is a lot less active now, although I still feel him so I know he is ok, and I feel a lot more pressure down in my hips and pelvis (not to mention shooting pains!!) I am only 36 weeks, so I wouldnt think it would be labor yet, but I just have a weird feeling! I dont go to the dr again until next Thursday, and he will do an internal then. I am nervous because I dont want to be an annoying woman who comes in every few days with false labor and annoys everyone at the hospital, but I dont want to deliver my baby on the couch by myself either! Also, I am supposed to be going out of town for the weekend (only 2 hours away) and the dr said it was fine if I want to go but to take my bags and stuff and get the name of the ob at the hospital there just in case. Now I am really nervous and dont know if I should go or not, or what to do about any of it!! Thoughts??


sweetsouthernbelle - July 10

normally braxton hicks contractions are irregular and dont come at normal intervals...they have an extremely irregular pattern unlike real contractions that get closer and closer together...but im only 33wks 4 days with my first so i really have no clue...but i hope i helped a lil bit...-jess-


everthiki - July 10

How close are your contractions? If they are any closer than 5 minutes apart I would call your OB !!! Call even if they aren't to make sure. Not to worry if it's false labor. Take care of yourself and the baby. Keep us posted. Goodluck


Been There - July 10

Ca__sie, please be sure that your insurance will cover and unexpected delivery at another hospital that far away from home. I don't think two hours is far, but some insurance companies will not cover the bill if you are outside of a certain radius of where you are supposed to be during your last month. I just told that to someone else today too. Sorry, I work with benefits for a living and I don't want to see anyone having to fight for payment. Having said that. I went all the way to NC at 36 weeks with my second child and everything was fine. However, with my first I went at 37 weeks. So you really never know when it will happen. Now, in your case, you may be fine as long as you're not driving yourself those 2 hours. Since you can labor longer than that, you may make it back. You just have to feel comfortable with your decision. If you really have a bad feeling, stay home. Once you get the feeling and can't shake it, you will end up not enjoying yourself. But if you can put it to the side and rest a__sured you won't go into labor, (other than double checking your benefits) I say you should go enjoy yourself. Just make sure you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make. Oh, and don't feel bad. It's better you are safe than sorry. So if you feel the need to check out your symptoms by speaking with the hospital or your doctor, you should do so.


Erynn21 - July 10

You're only 36 weeks, that is actually full term, a baby can be born anytime between 36 and 44 weeks(although doc.'s don't let you go that long). My friend is going to school to be a midwife and this info came from her. If your having consistent contactions I'd call your o.b.


Ca__sie06 - July 10

hm....I just timed them for about half an hour and they are about 5 minutes apart and lasting a minute or so each. My mom thinks I should just wait, and my DH is no help at all. I want to call the hospital but I am going to feel dumb if nothing is going on!!


Been There - July 10

Ca__sie, unless the rules have changed, if you are at 5 minutes apart for an hour, it's time to head to the hospital. Believe me, they'll take your call and you need to be getting ready to head for the door right now. Sounds like you're in labor.


Ca__sie06 - July 10

haha. I talked to the dr on call and he said to come in and get checked. I just cant be sure this is the real thing and I am going to feel so dumb if it isnt!! I guess I am going to go in though, I will let you know!


ashley - July 10

good luck.. Erynn21 I suppose each doctor has thier own beliefs but I just graduated from Nursing school and I took ob/maternal nursing and a midwife taught the cla__s. She said full term was not considered until 37 weeks, but they would rather see you at 38 weeks to garuntee lung maturity. And anything over 42 weeks and its quotes it in my book is considered postterm. A little FYI because most doctors these days use the guidelines of 37-42 weeks. Anything before 37 weeks preterm.


Kara H. - July 10

I have been having intense BH contractions too. I have been having them every other day or so and they last for about 1-2 hours, come every 4-6 minutes and then quit. I called my doctor about it. I did leave the conversation feeling a little embarra__sed, but it did solve my problem. I thought I would share just to save anyone else the embarra__sment. She asked me if I was having a bowel movement within an hour of my attacks starting. I was. She said as we get really big later in the pregnancy sometimes the nerves get stimulated my the waste desending into the lower colon and it sets off intese braxton hicks contractions. While I felt foolish, I'm glad I got this info. Now instead of calling the doctor when the contraction start every four minutes, I just wait for an hour to see if I have to "go". If I haven't "went" within an hour, then it could be real labor and I should call in. Otherwise I know that its just false labor and save myself a trip to the hospital.


Ca__sie06 - July 11

Ok! I am back! I went to the hospital and they checked my urine and cervix and monitored me for a while. I was having contractions and they did get strong from time to time. I am 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. I am starting to get a UTI, so they gave me antibiotics and told me to drink a ton of water, not drink any pop, rest a lot, and count the kicks every day. They said if they get any stronger to come back in, or wait until my next dr appt if I can. I feel a lot better knowing now, and I am glad I am making a little bit of progress at least! I talked to my mom, and she said that I am following exactly like she did with me. She thought she was in labor at 36 weeks, went in and was dilated and effaced a little, and had me at 37 weeks! I would be glad to do the same, although I wish my water would break or something to let me know for sure when I am actually in labor!


ashley - July 11

im glad you got everything figured out though I bet you are a tad bit disappointed that it wasn't the real thing. Good luck.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 11

glad to hear everything turned out fine...maybe you will have the baby next week...good luck sweetz :D



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