I Think He Just Breeched Himself

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JL - October 25

I am 34 weeks, and last night I had a werid experience. It felt like my abdomen was being stretched in 10 directions at the same time, and it was a bit painful. My baby has been super-active and also has hiccups several times per day. The hiccups used to be in my lower right quadrant, but after the weird painful stretching incident, they are in the upper left quadrant. Also, the baby has not been as active today. He is still moving so I am not worried, but he used to be a "wild man" wheras now he is only moving slightly and occassionally. I am having a scheduled c-section due to complications from my first pregnancy, so I am not worried about a breech delivery. But should I mention this weird occurrance to my doc?


Ca__sie - October 25

I would say that anything that seems weird to you should be brought up to your doc. If only for your peace of mind.


Kayla - October 26

That's so weird! The same thing happened to me. My little girl was hiccupping in my lower parts for a few weeks now. But 2 days ago I felt a lot of stretching and weird movements, then I went to sleep and woke up to her hiccuping up on my upper left side. You can feel the bump (the head?) and everything. I'm 33wks and my doctor said she will only be concerned about a breech baby after 35 wks (my next appt) so let's see what happens. I don't think there's anything to be concerned about, but if it makes you feel better then mention it...


Jackie - October 26

I felt the exact same thing this past weekend! he has been head down for the past month and a half...gonna mention to my dr on monday...i will be 35 weeks then...


JL - October 26

I just came back from the doc. They did not do an ultrasound, but did a pretty rough physical examination of my abdomen (lots of squeezing!). They are pretty sure the baby used to be breech and now has actually flipped into the head-down position. But the doc said the position really doesn't matter anyway for me since I will be having a c-section. My first baby was breech, and the attempts to turn her were unsuccessful, resulting in a c-section.


Lauren - October 27

The same thing has happened to me twice now in one week. I even ended up going for a NST. The tech who did it said it wasnt bad but it also wasnt good. the dr said everything was fine. I think he just wanted to go home since it was 5 pm. I asked my midwife at my next appt and she said that is perfectly normal and to expect it to happen til around 37 weeks. that is when the baby supposedly gets in position and stays there. it freaks me out though.



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