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ash2 - May 17

well i think i am finally ready ! we haved moved into our new house,, i have washed all of the baby's clothes, i have packed the bags to about 90 %....., i have got all of the baby's swings, bouncers, and crib, and bassinet put together, and i have gotten emergency formula since my milk will not come in for about 5 days after the birth! oh, and i have boiled all of the nipples , bottles,and toys ! i still have not put the carseat in because i am still upset about taking my son out of the middle. i have to put the baby in the middle now which means my three year old goes next to the door ( eeeek !) i hate that ! i have bought the first two packs of diapers, and wipes ( since i didnt get any from the baby shower) and he is ready to be here for the first weeks of his life.... after that , i dont know what im gonna do! lol..... i have one more baby shower tommorow and i am officially ready for him! i have been on maternity leave for a week today , and i am loving it! i absolutley cannot work anymore. so i want to hear everyone else's stories about how close they are getting and how they are passing the time ! ecspecially if you are at 38 weeks like me !!


shannan - May 17

Hi ash2, I am also 38 wks. This is my first baby. I didn't even think of boiling the nipples to the bottles...duh, but I think I am good with everything else. The bag is packed and carseat is in the vehicle. I am still working, although after today I wish I wasnt (my back and feet are killing). So, are you dialated at all? I went to the Dr. yesterday and am 70% effaced with 0 dialation. So, that is about it for me :)


ash2 - May 17

i am a half of a centimeter dialated as of a weeks ago. i go back to the doc friday to see anymore. i dont know if i am effaced, i havent been checked for that in a while ! but i hope i can tell friday ! i dont want this baby to be born over 40 weeks! i definantly cannot wait that long ! i am limited for maternity leave ..... i also am having problems with my blood pressure and swelling . i think i am gonna go walking tommorow to see if i can get this labor process moving !


Amanda R - May 18

I hear ya girls!! I am also 38 weeks. (38 weeks and 3 days to be exact!) and all my stuff is ready. Just waiting on this little guy to show up. I have developed a new pet peeve lately...I can't decide which type of people I dislike more...the ones who say to me "Haven't you had that baby YET?" or the ones that look at me and say "Well, you still have 2 weeks left." They both pretty much want to make me kick 'em in the shins! LOL. My next Dr.'s appt. is Friday (if I make it that long-- haha wishful thinking!) Last appt. my Doc said I was 2 cm dilated 50% effaced and -2 station. I lost my mucus plug over the weekend and was super excited-- but STILL preggo! I think I will walk some tomorrow too Ash....at least it will mean a change of scenery! GL...labor dust b__wing your way!!


ash2 - May 18

good luck amanda...... i am not working anymore so i can honestly say that i dont hear the annoying remarks about having my baby!! i have one more baby shower today, and i am done with this! i really wish i was dialated at least a little more and at least a little effaced, i guess we will find out tommorow. good luck to you all!!


angelbebe - May 18

I am 38 weeks, 2 days, and I hear you about the comments!! I live in a small town and always see the same people. I almost want to avoid them now. : ) I have washed, cleaned, stocked...so ready to go. Now, just trying to stay busy reading, walking, watching LOTS of DVD's, and lots of daydreaming. Can you believe we're almost through this? Think of those poor women only just starting or half way through!


moucheka - May 18

Hi, I am glad you are well prepared and excited about the birth. It is so good to finally be so close to the end. I am very worried about the part where you say you have emergency formula though - you are correct that your milk won't come in for a few days but what your b___sts produce in the mean time is colostrum which is a clear fluid containing many important antibodies. Your baby needs this and even though it might not seem like they are getting much, your body will adjust to the baby's need - new babies fee frequently for very short times. You certainly don't need formula as a supplement and will more than likely upset your body's adjustment to nursing if you do use supplements. You can find much more information on the b___stfeeeding forum. I am guessing you didn't b___st feed your first child? Best of luck with the new baby.


Heather W - May 18

Hi There, I am 38 weeks and 2 days today...yipee...I went to the hosp last night , because we are 40 min away from the hosp. I was NOTHING...no dilation, still posterior cervix...and I lost my mucus plug 4 days ago. I am scared to lewave my contractions more than 15 min apart due to this one being my 4th, and so far away. But my dr told me that I could probably wait until I was having them 3 in 10 minutes. I feel l;ike I could be chancing having this little one in the van..eek!Everything is ready for this one,,as am I...I have gardening I want to do, and yardwork..soo much and this little one will not comply to my wishes of coming out soon...Hotel Mama is closing for business...so I wish that he would hurry up! Watch this one will be 2 weeks late...little stinker! Good Luck to all, my next dr apt is fri too...if I make it..I'll be there.


ash2 - May 18

well tonight we went to walmart and got last minute stuff. another pack of diapers, some hats, and blankets. i had one last baby shower today and got alot of the stuff i already had. o well, i guess i will use some of it one day. well i cant think of anything else that i possibly need. can u ?


rachel_renee_20 - May 25

I realize this post was put up a while ago but, Im so excited I just want to tell someone... I washed all baby's clothes and boiled what few bottles I have my baby shower is the 4th of June Im 80% effaced and 2cm dialated, and I lost my mucus plug not too long ago Im 38 weeks and I can't wait to have my little girl!! I've not had the nesting thing yet....but I've become very tired lately and am more and more restless at night.



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