I Think Im In Labor

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socurbaby7 - November 1

ok well... hereit goes at about 10pm tonight i started gettin cramping every 5-10 minutes... this is my first baby and i am 37 weeks and 4 days right now... and i dont know if this is labor or not i asked my mom... but i guess every woman is different... right now its 1230 and they have been happening consistantly... but do they feel like cramping and like ur whole uterus is gettin tight.... should the baby still be kickin???? i dont know im lost and freAKIN out a lil bit... i dont think im ready i was countin on her being late not early LOL... anyway get back to me ASAP


blakenabbeighsmom - November 1

that sounds like what my sister had when she went into labor. i cna't tell you how i felt bc i am getting ready to go get induced in an hour. but today my back has been killing me and i feel like i am getting my period and that is what my sis felt like.. you should at least call your doc and check


blakenabbeighsmom - November 1

and don't worry about freaking out.. iam having panic problems thinking about having this baby


claire83 - November 1

yes that what contractions feel like


babylove4 - November 1

Yes call Your Md, Go get checked, Your baby may be ready to be born....38 weeks is about right...


socurbaby7 - November 1

jus an update... i went to bed last night after i posted this and iwoke up this morning and the contractions were gone... so im guessing it was jus false labor...but yea... im scared


emfine99 - November 1

Well I hope all is well! After 37 weeks you can go at anytime and be fine. I hear that 37 weeks is considered full term. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and I've been having about the same pains... mine are like period cramps in my lower back but I don't feel tightening as much... I say if you feel like that again, call the dr and see what to do!


EMMA2 - November 1

BH all the way. Once labour starts you'll know the difference.



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