I Think My Baby Is Going To Be Huge

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crystal74 - January 29

going on 36 weeks, how can you tell if your baby is going to be huge? i can feel him and he feels sideways, still really high, and the length and width of his body feel huge. well not so much the length but the width feels extremely huge. i am scared. i have a dr. appt this thursday so i will see what she says. are the dr.'s usually concerned about this sort of thing???


babyonboard16 - January 29

well was he big on ur ultrasounds?


crystal74 - January 29

i am 36 weeks now and got my ultrasound at 18 weeks and they did not say that he was big. baby could have grown a lot by then


starlight_94 - January 29

I also feel like my baby is huge. I am 37 weeks 3days and I think it is just b/c he is running out of room and when he stretches I feel like he is gonna push out the side of my body~ I think it is normal, AND painful at times. My dr is inducing me on the fourth, so I dont have to worry too much longer, but I completely understand!! As for being concerned I think most women this far along feel the same way, and its nothing to be concerned about! Good luck!


crystal74 - January 29

is she inducing you this early because he is big or what? it is painful sometimes for me to when he moves.


Crisi P - January 29

I really dont know how you can tell. I just had my daughter on Wednesday, thought I was going to have a normal sized baby. I didnt feel like she was big, never measured big. Doctors never said anything until I was in labor, then they guessed she would be 8.5 maybe 9 lbs. Well she came out weighing 11 lbs 12 oz!


mamagoose - January 29

Holy smokes, Crisi, that's a big baby! I bet the other women in L&D were coming in to pay homage to you, LOL! As far as telling how big baby is, my Dr. said they can do rough estimates which are notoriously inaccurate, but they base it on how many weeks along you are and how you're measuring (fundal height), plus a bit of palpitation. I think that Dr's don't worry too much unless there is an indication baby will be too big and might have complications like shoulder dystocia. They probably keep a closer eye on you if you have GD, because babies born to mothers with GD tend to be bigger. You could try asking your doctor for a rough estimate at your next appt.


crystal74 - January 30

well i'm definetely bringing it up to her on thursday at my appt. what is a gd? plus the baby is constantly sideways to i'm curious to see what she'll say about that too


mamagoose - January 30

GD= gestational diabetes; having GD can increase the likelihood you'll have a large for gestational age baby, which is defined as a baby weighing over 9 lbs 9 oz at 40 weeks gestation.


crystal74 - January 30

oh okay, thank you. well i got checked for that a couple months ago and came back okay. his dad is really tall and big, but i am short and little so does this increase his chance of being big like his dad??



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