I Think My Waters Just Broke

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Allie - June 4

Ok, about 45 minutes ago (5:00 am) I woke up feeling like I was wetting myself. Went to the bathroom, and then consistently felt the same as I trried to go back to bed. About 30 minutes later (5:30 am) I decided just to do some housework, went to the bathroom again, and it had a pinkish tinge to it...this is exactly what my sister said happened to her when she went into labor with her first. I woke my husband up to tell him, but we are not rushing to the hospital or anything...I don't have any contractions going this morning, so we figure there is time and he wanted more rest - I of course can't sleep at this point, I am wide awake!! Part of me is still afraid I am wrong and it's not my water's, and the other part of me is getting really excited that today is probably going to be my daughter's birthday!!!!!


Mellissa - June 4

allie... i hope it was your water! that is so exciting!! i'm hoping to naturally go into labor with this one since i was induced with my daughter. make sure you keep us posted! if we don't hear from you for a few days, we'll know why! hopefully you'll have a quick, easy labor and delivery! good luck!! :)


Lorikap - June 4

good luck allie! That sounds like water breakage to me; especially because it is continuous. They say that the fluid replaces itself like every 3 hours. So once it breaks, the trickle never really stops! Can't wait to hear your birth story!


Trinity102203 - June 4

My water broke with my first pregnancy, and let me tell you something---there is no "Is it my water?". Mine broke and KEPT ON BREAKING. It isn't every three hours that it replaces itself, more like 3 seconds. It is gush after gush after gush after gush and keeps coming out repeatedly in heavy flow. I soaked my boyfriends car on the way to the hospital, showed up soaked, soaked the whole elevator and my whole room. So, if there is any question, then it isn't your water.


MamaKW10 - June 4

That is not true. Some women have gushes like that and some have just a little bit of trickle. Two of my friends just had babies & one had a little bit like she pee'd and no more than that & the other had gushes one after another. She said she was soaked when she got to the hospital & the other said she changed her pants and was completely dry when she got there. Sounds like to me yours did break and I wouldn't wait around....I'd at least go check it out. The doctors will tell you if it is your water or not.


miraclebaby - June 4

maybe its leaking????


starr - June 4

Allie,if you think it was your water you at least want to call your doc to let them know even if you are not having any pains.I made the mistake of not going in for hours(maybe 6 or 7,maybe more it's been 10 yrs) after my water broke with my second son and I thought I was going to die from the pain.They said b/c I waited so long to go in I did not have the full lubrication of the amniotic fluid which helps with the delivery.But when my water did break, it was a steady stream for a few minutes, not a constant gush.I was not soaked or anything, so everyone is different.Keep us posted.Good luck to all.


GraphxGirl - June 5

When I was pregnant for my daughter my water broke while I was actually on the toilet lol... but then it just kept coming so I knew for sure that is what is was. They told me to go in within the hour and not to wait any longer than that. I had no labor pains until I was in the hospital for a bit so by all means if your water breaks but you have no pains, get to the hospital anyways because labor is coming and once you lose all that fluid, they want you there to start monitoring you and baby !! Good luck !!



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