I Too Am Looking For A Middle Name

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Kim - January 27

We have decided that if we have a girl her name will be Kailey, but I am missing a cute tiny middle name for her....any suggestions? We know that if it's a boy his name will be Jayden Randy....all your picks and suggetions will be appreciated!


naomi - January 28

My husband and i were hoping if we had a girl to name her Krystal Lyn, kailey ann or kailey marie sounds cute just my oppinion though.


Bigbelly#2 - January 28

Firstly, is it pronounced Kay-lee or Kye-lee?


Kim - January 28

It is pronounced Kay-Lee


Lyn - January 29

Just remember when picking a middle name it is often called a "throw away" name because most people just stick something in there. I go by my middle now and if my daughter hates her first name I cant tell her she cant use her's that is why I was really careful about picking one and came up with Ava Madison...Kailey Leanne or Elizabeth are nice...


k - January 29

what do you all think about Kailey Jaye? I think it's pretty cute....


Bigbelly#2 - January 31

How about: Elise, Autumn, Brianne, Ann(e), Danielle, Jenae or Wren? Let us know what you choose!


Bigbelly#2 - January 31

By the way- I love the name you have for a boy.........our son's name is Jadon!!


aaron - February 7

i was considering the same name and Kailey Anne sounds very nice depending on ur last name,always take into consideration your last name before u deside


tisha - February 7

maybe kailey nicole ?


* - February 8

A girl I know just had a little girl a few weeks ago & named her Kailey Anne I think it's really cute


nina - February 10

kailey brooke is soooo cute


suzy - February 10

how about Kailey Marie?


me - February 10

what about Kailey Michelle or Kailey Joelle


Kim - February 10

Thanks for all your responses but we decided to go with Kailey Jaye


MARI - February 12



Kim - February 12

no...Kailey Jaye (Jay but with an e to feminise it.) My hubby's name is Jason so I decided to use his nickname Jay as our daughter's middle name....pretty original don't you think?!



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