I Ve Been In Labor For 36 Hours Need Help Please

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Jill - May 1

O.K I know I'm venting a little but I don't know what else to do On Fri. night my cntx. started at 5 pm 5 min. apart Now its Sun. still 5 min. apart I cant sleep or drive or talk or walk, anyway been to the hospital 3 times, and I think my dr has some kind of power trip with me, Fri I was 2 cm 60% effaced he said he was too tired to deliver a baby on fri night (not kidding) last night I was 3 cm 70% then he said I had to be 80% to stay at the hospital I was thinking are you fu... serious! I've called other hospitals but no one will see me what else can I do this is making me crazy?? and I've been spotting since Fri. but I think thats because I'm in labor what do you think? and im 41 weeks pregnant does my dr think I'm not really in labor please help guys anything to make me feel better


Tarah - May 1

Wow! I'm sorry you have to go through this. Don't worry though because pretty soon, you'll be 80% and able to stay at the hospital. Did your doctor inform you of this previously? Maybe that's his/her procedure! I'm not sure, but they sound like they're not very comforting! I hope things get better for you and you can finally get that baby out!! Good luck!


Jill - May 1

I think if I was 80% he would say I had to be 90% he told the nurses on the phone yesterday to come to his office Mon. morning I think he doesn't want to go to the hospital on the weekend so my baby has to be falling out before he'll let me stay, I feel like he is jepodizing our health


Toya - May 1

Jill...well, first congrats! Your baby is on the way and the wait is over for you!!! :) Well, even if your Dr. won't admit you to the hospital, if you feel that you or your baby are in danger in anyway...let your care provider know. Your instinct comes FIRST! Even if they keep sending you home, keep going if you feel there is a problem. Hang in there, we are all routing for you!


Wow - May 2

You've got me by 13 hours already! Only difference is my water broke first, ( the s_x thing worked for me) so I was admitted. Your doctor sounds like an ASS, I hope you deliver soon!


Jill - May 2

thanks I wish my water would break any ideas? When I had my daughter my water never broke I was at 10 when they broke it in the hospital I think I have a tough sac


Danielle - May 2

Jill try to hang in there:) I think your doctor is a jerk. Has he/she acted this way your whole pregnancy? If I were you I would just go into another hospital and let them knwo you are bleeding and in pain. Don't risk something happening to you or the baby because your doctor is lazy.



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