I Ve Been In Labor For Days How Long Can This Go On For

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Jewell24 - April 10

Okay I started contractions on Wednesday night, They weren't strong but still a little painful and 12 mins a part. Thrusday morning they were stronger and up to 4 mins a part. I went into the hospital were they checked me, still only 1 cm dilated. But after 10 mins of being there I started bleeding like crazy. My placenta is low and had ripped a bit and started bleeding. So I had to stay and be monitored. They bleeding slowed Thrusday night and so did the contractions. Friday morning they did an ultrasound and baby was fine and the bleeding had stopped. So Friday afternoon I was sent home because I was only in early labor. Well Saturday my contractions got really strong and painful but not to close together. Had contractions all through Sunday and now it's early Monday morning and I'm sitting here a wake because I can't get comfortable to sleep through them. My due dates this Saturday the 15th. How much longer can this go on for? I hurt so much!


prayerfully_hopeful - April 10

Doesn't sound like you have much longer to go Jewell. Sounds like labor but not active labor. The nurse told me that happens, the contraction patterns changes and eventually it goes into active labor. I wish you luck with your delivery!! Stay strong!! XoXo


SuzieQ - April 10

Not much longer - my sil had a similar situation as yours. She was in and out of hospital for 4 days until her baby decided to finally come into the world!


meme - April 10

It's probably a good thing that you were were there if you were bleeding & in possible trouble. But personally, I'm waiting until my contractions are constant, steady, painful (no matter how much water I drink or whether I'm still or moving), and three or less minutes apart & lasting for an extended period of time on a regular basis. Even if that means "accidentally" having him on my own, that's okay with me too. The hospital is only twenty minutes away, even in heavy traffic, and I would just take him to get checked out. However, that's my own personal feeling on the matter taking into consideration a healthy, low-risk pregnancy thusfar (I'm 38 & 1/2 weeks), & how much I can't stand hospitals or unnatural interventions.



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