I Ve Gained Over 50 Pounds Anyone Else Gained That Much

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Kristin - November 19

Hey everyone I am a little over 37 weeks and have gained a little over 50 pounds. I don't really look bad, but I can tell and it's miserable. I gained over half of that the last few months. Is that ok?? I'm 5'11" so maybe..... oh what am I saying, it's a lot. My eating habits aren't really different from before I got pregnant though. I don't understand.


kendall - November 19

i am just starting my 3rd trimester today (27 weeks) i've gained about 21 pounds maybe more by now i am 5'8 and pre-preg i was 158 as of 11/11 i was 179 3/4lbs. i don't look bad either but when i told my mom how much i've gained she was like youv'e gained enough for 2 babies(what a b___h) since your so tall i wouldn't worry as long as your doctor tells you that everything is going good congrats


Erin - November 19

I'm 37 wks too and I've gained about 45 lbs, but I'm only 5'5''. I was about 125 lbs to start. I also haven't changed my eating habits much, I just eat breakfast now and I never did before. I still work out at least 3 days a week. I really didn't think I would gain this much since I trried to be so careful about eating well and working out, but I guess my body put on the weight it needed. I just hope it's as easy to lose as everyone says it is!


nicole - November 19

I'm 38 weeks and I've gained 39 lbs. I also am 5'5'' and 125 pre pregnancy. I look really big in my belly but not really anywhere else. I put on most of the weight in my third trimester, I even outgrew my maternity pants and had to buy bigger ones. I agree with Erin and think that your body will gain whatever it needs for the pregnancy, I am trying not to stress about it.


dew - November 20

I gained 50lbs too! I'm 8 1/2 months now and I'm still gaining. What makes it worse is that I lost 20lbs a year before I got pregnant. I had never been so skinny, and felt so good!! Now I'm 180 lbs and growing, and I'm only 5'2". Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be having my baby and I've never cared less about my weight. But I can't help but wonder if I'll ever get my body back. I plan to loose the weight, but I know my body will be changed forever. So I know how you feel and the only advise I can give you is; when you get weighed at the doctor's office, put your back to scale and try not to worry about it. And tell yourself that your body is doing what it has to do, your weight serves a purpose. This is one of the many, minor sacrifices you'll make for your baby. I know it sucks but I'm sure that it pales in comparison to those we'll make in the near future. Wow, that's easier to type than it is to do. good luck girls.


JL - November 20

I am 38 weeks, and have gained 56 lbs. I gained 48 with my first pregnancy, and now this. I was in a similar position as dew, just lost a bunch of weight before this pregnancy. Now I am back to square one! Ugh. There is one nurse at my doc's office who I love to have weigh me because she always smiles and says "Don't stress about your weight... you're working on a miracle!"


Lena - November 20

Hey Kristin, don't feel bad. I'm in my 37th week also, and so far I've gained 64 pounds!!!! I haven't yet heard of anyone gaining that much. The funny thing is that it's not that noticeble to anyone but me! I was 109 pre pregnancy...my doc said that I was underweight for 5'4" or whatever, so it's normal to have gained that much. Good news is that I've finally stopped gaining.


bod - November 20

im 38 weeks and up to now ive gained about 60, im 5"4 and was plump b4 i got pregnant, so now im like extremely fat, i am like 270 now which is completely crazy, people say i dont look it though except the big belly


Swtpea - November 20

AHH!! It makes me want to cry, ... I am 34 wks this week and gained 55pounds. As with a couple of you I lost about 40pounds with in the past two years... *cries* now I get to start over as well. I HaVe NeVeR weighed this much my whole life.... I seriously want to go work out and run, but am unable to... I do light stretches and go for SHORT walks as I get stomach cramping and shortness of breath. My doctor has not said a WORD about my weight ... anyways... >.< If anyone wants to keep chatting outside the forum now or after the babies are here for support feel free to email me at : [email protected], I know I'm going to need some encouragement to get it back off!


Jamie - November 21

I gained 75 pounds during my pregnancy. The day I discovered I was pregnant, I weighed 105. The day I delivered, I weighed 180. When I was released from the hospital, I weighed 160. At my 6 week check, I weighed 150. My daughter is nearly 4 months old, and I weigh 145. Just remember, though - it's taken you 9 months to gain it, don't expect to lose it overnight. Slow and steady, y'know?



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