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kristyn1028 - October 23

So when I was in high school, about two years ago, I gave blood and they sent me my card with my name and blood type- O positive. Well once I got pregnant, it took me a while to get to the doctor because of medicaid, but once I did I was about 20 weeks along already.. So they did my blood work late...anyway, it came back that Im A negative. So I looked at my doctor puzzled because all these years I thought I was O positive,but he assured me, no youre A negative...I thought that was strange. So he set me up to get the glucola and rhogam done and when i went today they took my blood for the glucola test and said ok it will be about 45 minutes for the injection to be processed. Then about 10 minutes later she came back out and said our test says your A positive!! So you can only imagine the look on my face! I said ok, and went to my doctors appointment and told him and he literally had no explanation and nothing to say except that he will test me again after the baby is born and see what it is then...Has anyone ever had this happen?? Im sooo confused!


Tory1980 - October 24

No.No idea what is going on. Talk about a mess!! I would ask for it to be taken again as should any problems occur during your pregnancy (I hope not!) and you are negative then you will need the Anti-d again - especially if you have a bleed in 2nd or 3rd trimester. If you are negative and baby is positive then you could start attacking it should your bloods mix. This is quite imprtant in pregnancy and waiting until after the baby is born sounds a bit stupid to me! I am A negative and after the births of all my babies I need to have this injection WITHIN 72 hours of the birth if they are born with a positive blood group (thanks hubby!). I would demand another test and hopefully they wil come back with one of the answers you have had. I would imagine with two tests saying 'A' that that is your blood group but you need to know whether you are negative or not asap.


sahmof3 - October 24

I have no idea what could be going on, but I'm with Tory. You need to get tested again and get this figured out. Like she said, if you have a problem, the baby could, too. This baby will most likely be fine, but if you really are a - blood type and don't have the Rhogam now (and after the birth, if the baby's blood is +) your next pregnancy(ies) could be at risk if this baby is a + blood type and you get sensitized. That's so amazing that you've been given three different blood types! I'd be freaked out! Luckily, mine have always said A-.


claire83 - October 24

thats so strange maybe be a mix up with results but three different blood types given is weird but saying that i saw a programme on tv about a woman whom had two children was pregnant with her third and there was some issue going on and dna tests were carried out via bloodwork etc and then she was told her babies were not hers but they were the fathers remember i said she was pregnant at the time well she went to court had hospital officials say they witnessed her births with these children and they were hers even so further dna was done and they again said these children are not hers she was very distressed and when she went into labour an official person was there to confirmed she gave birth to the third child and dna was taken immediately and guess what the test came back saying this child was not hers either lol she had some disorder on which she had several dna stands ive never heard of it before and im not a scientist so do not know the in and outs of blood testing etc i just thought it was a strange thing and im not in anyway saying you have the same as it was blood types you were talking about but i thought i would add this anyway to show stranger things have happened lol i hope you find out whats going on with your results


tish212 - October 24

I would say it sound like a HUGE mix up .... I would think that ur final answer was right...since the type didn't have to go from one person to another...remember the game telephone when u were a kid..sit in a circle send a message around the circle and when it gets to the end its all messed up. I would say u need to get it tested again..yes because of the rh factor... (i think that's what its called) sorry uve had to deal with that....and clair I never heard about that...that's crazy...that poor lady going through that...


kristyn1028 - October 24

That would be awful!! I feel bad for that lady! Im not too sure what could be going on, but its strange to me....My doctor said he isn't going to retest me until I have her though...so I guess there's no real reason for concern maybe?? Who knows..Im so sick of relying on doctors..



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