I Ve Reached Critical Mass

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christineg - April 18

I'm really just complaining today....so I'll appoligize in advance for being such a baby, but let me know if any of you girls feel this way too!! I'm only 34 weeks and I swear I don't know how I'm going to get any bigger! I look like an elephant balancing on stilts or something, and I really think I can feel my hips getting wider the minute! Not to mention, my body feels like it weighs a ton! People are starting to gawk at my size and everyone's favorite question is "How much longer?!" Then they look at me with disbelief when I tell them there is 6 more weeks!! I can already practically grab his little foot when he kicks out, and I know he feels cramped because he is kicking at my ribs trying to move them out of his way! AHHHH that feels better! How are you girls doing?


kh - April 18

I can totally relate. It's like they say--by the time you're ready to deliver, you don't care about the pain because you just want the baby out! If it helps, I am more patient now at 39 weeks because the end seems so much closer. I can see the light! But I've felt this way for about the past month. Somehow, she does keep getting bigger and tighter though.


angiebert - April 18

i'm 34 weeks too and ready to be DONE!! i have a DR appt on friday. wonder if i'll be effaced?? this is our first baby and we're very excited!


Renee-Marie - April 18

I had feet or fits in my side on Easter while I was in the shower. My only recourse was to turn the water to freezing cold and stand there so he'd move. He didn't. So I basically was punished on the inside as well as the outside..... so unfair. :-)


ash2 - April 18

im 34 weeks also, and about ready to be over. i have a dr. appt. on friday, and im gonna ask for an internal exam


AML - April 18

I'm 34 weeks Friday. I have a drs. appt. next wednesday (April 26) they are going to do a fetal weight scan as I am measuring 2 weeks ahead. Interested to see what thats about! Atleast I get to see my baby again! Can't wait for that! I have 2 pairs of pants that fit and thats about it! Maybe a shirt or two...I wear the same thing to work everyday (almost lol) I have to wear flip flops because my feet swell worse in anything else. I feel like a balloon! I'm constantly hot, sweaty and just feel gross! My face is breaking out again, worse then ever and now my chest, neck and back. My face is oily, as to a week ago it was so dry! I havent had any major complications, just some complaining! I refuse to buy anymore clothes, until after I give birth! My fiance is mad at me today because he wanted s_x and I told him no because I was too worried and it hurts and he is mad because I dont want to do anything else for him (s_xually) HONESTLY, it just makes me sick to even think about any kind of s_x! I dont want him to think its him....but in a way it is....Its not that im not attracted to him, I just dont want to do it....he is p__sed because i wont do anything for him....well, start doing something for me (not even s_xual) and I might think about helpin him out! Sorry, im frustrated tonight! lol...work is getting stressful!


numba1cutie6t9 - April 18

lol ppl r ALWAYS telling me i look like im about to pop any day now..im only 36 weeks and theyve been saying this for a month now..i kno how it feels i definetly dont feel like i can get any bigger


Suzanne - April 18

Honey, your going to get twice the size you are now but it is all relative. When you wake up you feel like you can't take it but then you have a good day and your body adjusts. You will be OK. I am almost 38 weeks and you will be there soon. Hang in there.


Chrissy - April 18

I think something must happen to us around this time to make us feel like we're really miserable! It's like we're almost there, but not quite. I felt beetter after reading all of your complaints, because I have been feeling the same way! So frustrated and so ready for this to be over. I will be 34 weeks on Thursday. I have also noticed I have started worrying more about the health of the baby. Is it going to be normal?? Etc, etc... Last night I woke up 4 times because the baby was pushing out so hard on my side by my ribs that the pain actually woke me up from a dead sleep.! What the heck!!! I feel sorry for the poor thing because he/she is really running out of room!


Kiddolebel - April 18

Im 34 weeks too and I agree with wanting it to be over with already. You will get bigger though, I wont lie about that. I swore I couldnt get any bigger with my son but I surely did. I swear everyday I wake up bigger than i did the day before with this little girl! Hang in there...we dont have too much longer.


ashley - April 18

im only 27 weeks :-( and am having problems already, I can't imagine 3 more months. I've gained 21 lbs and i've already outgrown maternity clothes, sheeesh. FOr all you 34+ weekers I wish you a quick wait, but for a healthy baby. My babe was already a week ahead at my 20 week ultrasound. I just plain think this one is going to be huge. Im having a boy do the rest of you gals know? Wondering if there is a correlation between size and how you carry. Well good luck.


AML - April 18

I'm having a boy! I'm like all belly too! I have lost 25lbs and only gained 23lbs....so really I havent gained any weight if you want to get technical. I had horrible morning sickness.


mom2b2x - April 18

I am 37 weeks and 1 day and i am soooo ready for this baby to be out and i have been having s_x and walking and i am only 1 cm dilated i am miserable my pelvic area feels like someone has a jack hammer on it tryin to crack it and my back hurts soooo bad becasue the baby dropped 3 weeks ago anyways needless to say the 3 weeks i have left seem longer to me than the 37 weeks i have already gone i guess it is beasue i am so close but yet still so far...:) good luck to you all


meme - April 18

Eh, people started asking me weeks ago if I was having twins, acting like they didn't believe only one is in there or as though there was still however much time left until he is born. I'll be 40 weeks on Friday, and a few weeks ago, the growth of my belly slowed down noticeably. I'm not really changing much from week to week. The only difference is that I've dropped substantially over the past two or three weeks. So don't worry... you're at the peak of growing now. After another month (maybe less), you won't get much bigger on a weekly basis.



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