I Want This Baby Out

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chill24 - November 8

I don't know if anyone else is feeling this way but holy smokes!!!! I want to have this baby like yesturday!!! Every night when I crawl into bed I think tonight is the night I am going to wake up in the middle of the night and be in labor but its just not happening!!!! We are just waiting on the baby but I would really like to speed this process up...its tough because I feel so exhausted and the only advice I seem to get is...go for a long walk thats pretty much the last thing I want to do...Im feeling rather frustrated, anyone relate???


jamcar06 - November 8

i know how you feel. I'm due tomorrow and i wasn't even dilated at my doc. appt. this week. I'm so ready for the baby to come. Try having s_x, it may help. good luck. and, you are not alone. I'm tired and miserable (with a cold and with pain).


chill24 - November 8

Oh wow I wish you all the luck in the world jamcar its so hard right now. Im not due till the 13th but I am 3cm dilated so I hope the little one wants to come out sooner!!! I was thinking of getting into the tub and soaking so I can relax a bit. eww s_x sounds horrible right now but i suppose we gotta do what we gotta do eh!?!?! lol


falafal0 - November 8

Oh yeah. We're all with you on this one. THIS Is my fifth baby and I am dying to feel the contractions. i WANT to feel pain, to get it over and done with and to hold my bub. Back to normal life. It's so hard, the last weeks, hang in there. Even if it is with your little pinky! :-)


socurbaby7 - November 9

im going insane right now... im not due until the 18th and i want her out now... and ive been walking... and having s_x... and well... stilll no labor !!! lots of contractions though... and im scared bout not knowin if the water has broken if its jus leaking a little because with discharge n stuff how r we suppose to tell the difference??? anyway this is my first baby and im impatient


chill24 - November 9

I can relate for sure....I have been losing my mucus plug for 2 weeks and have been 2cm for 3 weeks I thought I would be early for sure....I haven't done the s_x thing but am going to give that a shot now too...lol s_x has been the last thing on my mind though. I have a feeling my little one will be out at least by the weekend. I am always wondering if my water has broken. I think you tell the difference by the smell but this is also my first so im not really to sure...good luck socurbaby!!!! I know what you're going through as I am also past insane!!!


josie4 - November 9

I was going crazy wanting my baby out. I had been having prelabor signs since 35 weeks and I was ready! But finally I sat down and resigned myself to the fact that he would probably be late and there was really nothing I could do but be content with that. So, I'm finally cool with still being pregnant and waiting for him, and the next day I have him - four days early. Try s_x and walking if your anxious! Those may help move things along.


AmberNicole - November 9

I'm 33 weeks, and I'm dying to have my body back. I had my ds at 36 weeks, and I was in the hospital at 29 weeks having to have contractions stopped. I have to carry meds to stop contractions when I have them. I get the green light Dec 1st to not take them and let nature take it's course, and I'm soooooooooo ready! My belly is huge, and I can't sleep to save my life!


chill24 - November 9

Aww Amber that doesn't sound good at all! I hear ya on the body back part. I however will never have the body I had prior without surgery which makes me rather sad. Maybe I am vein but I am considering all my options. I know how you feel I will be 40 weeks on monday and I have had it, I don't want to share my body any longer and i am just dying to have my little one in my arms. My husband and I finally tried the whole s_x thing this morning and I have been on my feet all day cooking, baking, and cleaning but not a single contractions jeapers!!!!


AmberNicole - November 10

Chill, you never know. You could very well get your body back. I did after my ds, and although he's 6, before I got pregnant with this one, my body was in the best shape of my life. Keep your head up! That baby will be here, soon. I feel lucky if for some reason I don't go into labor early, I have a scheduled c-section date of Dec 26th, so I have an end in sight. I can imagine how difficult the wait and see is... Good luck. Hopefully, it will happen this weekend.


chill24 - November 10

Yes this weekend would work out perfectly lol. I wish the birth was on my clock instead of the baby. Oh well I think I just need to finally accept that my little one will not be early regardless of how I am feeling. Unfortunatly I may get the shape of my body back but I am covered in stretch marks. I was lucky to not get them on my stomach but my b___bs, b___t and thighs have got em bad it sucks some kinda fierce....=(



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