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Raychel - August 22

Hi everyone. I'm 21 weeks, or will be this Friday. I know this is the 3rd trimester forum, but I've posted this on other forums and never recieved an answer. I have not really felt the baby move. And I'm scared. I can see her move, cause my stomach will go in and out and moves. But I haven't felt her. When did yall feel yall's little ones move? Any input would be highly appreciated. I'll have my 1st ultrasound on Wednesday. I'm just a worried mother. But you never know, she could be lazy just like her daddy.


Kimberly - August 22

Many women don't feel their babies move until week 22 or so, especially in a first pregnancy. If you are worrying about it a lot, call your doctor and ask if you can just stop in to hear fetal heart tones. They almost always say yes. Hope this helps!


Laurie - August 22

I first started to feel my baby move at 20 weeks. I have felt her move every day from then (I am 30 weeks now). But in the beginning, I would feel her move like once a day and only when I was sitting real still and it was real quiet. As you get further along, the movements will get more strong and more noticeable. You may also not notice if you get busy doing something. I'm sure everything's fine, your just not far enough along to feel the baby all the time


rae - August 22

I felt this baby early but my first it took 24 weeks to feel the baby.


Jennifer - August 22

Trust me, your baby will make for the "lack" of movement later on. I was so anxious to feel my baby move it drove me crazy til I finally started feeling him. Now he moves TOO much!! lol Im sure you'll start to feel those movements in the next couple of weeks. Mine didnt get real regular til around 24 weeks or so, no need to worry! :-)


hb m - August 23

Raychel, should be anytime now for you to actually feel it. You will. Don't be scared. If you see the movements, that's great! But it won't be long... you'll feel it!


Audrea - August 23

Do you know where your placenta is located? The reason I ask is because if it is anterior, in the front, then it makes it harder to feel the baby's movements. Mine is anterior and I did not feel a good movement until around 22-23 weeks. They did not become reguler until I was around 27-28 weeks. I was so worried all the time. Now I am 33 weeks and she moves too much, it actually wakes me up and she will go for hours sometimes like there is a boxing match in there or something. It also feels like she is trying to punch her way out through my belly b___ton. And wait til the little one puts their feet up in your ribs. At first when I started feeling them it would go a couple of days in between with no movement before it became regular. Everyone is diffirent. Don't go by what others experience because you will only put yourself into a panic or anxiety.


Raychel - August 23

Ha guess what! I felt her kick me tonight! It was the best feeling in the world!


Savannah - August 23

No worries, every pregnancy is different I felt my first son move at around 18-20 weeks and I mean he would kick me like there was no tomorrow. But with my second pregnancy I felt him really move much later like 25 weeks or so. I would feel little tickles of course but nothing big. So dont worry I am sure your baby is doing well she could just be not as active but I am sure she will give you some good kicks in a few weeks.


JULIE - August 24

With my first son, I never felt him move the entire time. The Dr. rea__sured me that it was because I was so small that the baby had no room. My son was born in good health.


nez - August 24

first off...im jealous, u have a very content baby. as u get farther along she will move a lot more the bigger she gets the more u feel her. don't worry so much, u have a little ways more to go. soon u'll be praying that she will go to sleep so u can get some rest. lol. im 31 weeks and im having a boy and i swear he never sleeps. he started doing the tango at about 15-17 weeks, and now i really don't think he sleeps. so enjoy the peace. also...she might be more active while u are sleeping.



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