Ice Chewing Can T Stop

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Renatusbee - November 23

I'm 36 weeks and for the past probably 6 weeks I have been addicted to ice cubes. I crunch them all day every day and wherever I go! I drive my husband nuts in bed at night when I am crunch crunch crunching! It just is so sattisfying, it's WEIRD!! Anyone else experiencing this strange habit? Do you think it'll go away after pregenancy?


Amber - November 23

Ive read that ice chewing can be an iron deficiency. You should talk to your DR about it on your next visit :P. But atleast your getting your water!


Ice lover - November 23

Hey, I'm 35 wks and the exact same way! I always have to have ice. I can't drink anything unless it has ice in it, then I eat the ice. It's the only thing that will quench my thirst. Craving ice is a sign of low iron though, but I've had mine's ok. They call these cravings "pica." That's when you crave ice, chalk, ashes, detergent, stuff like that, etc. But, hey, ice isn't as bad as all that other Maybe mention it to your doctor just in case. I think it's just one of those old cravings though. It really does make your mouth feel better...I better have some when I


ohno - November 23

ugh, try to get over it, I HATE hearing people crunch ice, it drives me nuts, BUT, in my labor cla__s last night, at least two pregnant ladies were crunching away, so you must be in good company!


Mel - November 23

I knew someone that did that late in pregnancy and her doctor told her to stop because it could take vitamins/minerals from baby. I guess from having to use the bathroom alot? It's also bad on teeth. I'm sure you'll be fine after the baby.


Ready2Pop - November 24

I crave and eat Argo starch. The stuff you use to thicken gravy with. Since it's a food, i.e., corn starch, it isn't bad for me. I can't see how eating ice would be bad for the baby either. I have heard that these kinds of cravings are a__sociated with anemia. I was told that I am anemic, but not so much that I should worry. I've tried iron pills but they make me very constipated (sorry for the graphics). Anyway, we only have a few more weeks, and the cravings should stop.



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