If I Am Thirty Eight Weeks Can I Be Induce

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Curious - May 3

I'm thirty eight weeks and I want to be induce because I want my aunt to see the baby, before she leaves (may 16) is this possible?


curious - May 3

I mean I want to do it at thirty eight weeks ( I'm 36)


wenling - May 3

I just had my baby at 37wks++ induced too. But do make sure that you really are 38wks. cos dates can be miscalculated esp if your period before your pregnancy is irregular.


BBK - May 3

Well, any baby borne after 37 weeks is not considered a preemie, but this question should certainly be directed to your doc.


curious - May 3

Thanks guys 2day I'm going to the doc so I'll find out


Kymmi - May 3

I do hope you change your mind, regardless of what your doc says. I know that the later part of pregnancy can be uncomfortable and down right unbearable for some women, but why rush the baby when they are not ready?? They will come when they are "ready" to come,,,, why interfere and rush that and take the chance of hurting it somehow??


curious - May 3

It's two reason's why ( maybe they are not good enough) 1. I want my aunt to see the baby before she goes back to her country. 2. I can't take it anymore You are right when you say when the baby is ready to come is the right time. But I can't take the pains, sleepness nights, everything that comes with it I can't take.


Toya - May 3

Curious, yes you can! You can take it! It is your body and your child, so it is really up to you what you do...but keep in mind, when we interfere with nature things can back-fire...I am 39 weeks and 2 days and I am ready for my baby right now. As desperate as I am to see my baby, I am not going to get my membranes stripped tomorrow. I will not do that until I am 41 weeks. Part of the strength of being a mother is patience and endurance! This is why men were not given the responsibility of caring a child for 9 months. :)


curious to Toya - May 3

Lol very true. I just can't wait and take it anymore. My aunt is giving me pressure to be in labor ( wierd right?) I just really want to have want him to come........NOW. maybe I sound a bit selfish...so I want him to come next week (he-he)



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