If You Don T Feel Contractions

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Renee924 - December 28

I'm 38 weeks today, and I never feel contractions. I know I'm having them because at 36w 4d, I was told I was 2cm. dilated and 50% effaced. Then on Christmas Eve, I went to the hospital for my nst, and saw the contractions on the monitor, but still wasn't feeling them. So my question is, if you don't feel the contractions... how do you know when you're going in labor? Or if you're getting closer? Sometimes when I get up and move around I feel that my belly is tight with my hands, but I can never tell when it's happening otherwise. Is it likely that I could just feel them only when I'm actually in labor? Or that labor could start and I'd never feel them at all?


Lala - December 28

Really, don't worry! You WILL know when you're in labor. If you're not sure, then 99% you're not! You can't miss it. Take care!


byansmommy - December 28

well i didnt know i was in labor the first time(this pregnancy) i just had really bad back pain but when i got to the hospital and they hooked me up i was having contractions but then after a while the pain stopped but it was still showing that i was having contractions the only thing that i know is that i got really irratable right before but i've heard of people delivering in the bathroom cause they didnt even know that they were in labor im sorry im not trying to scare you im just letting you know that your not crazy cause i know how it is when you know that your having contractions and people tell you that your not cause i had that same thing happen to me today cause i was talking to this b*** of a midwife and she asked me if i was having contractions and i said yes and she just kind of looked at me like i was stupid and said ohh there probably just bh's and i was like uhhh no for one they are painful and two i wouldnt be dialated to 4cm and 80% effaced if they werent real and she didnt even check my cervix and so come to find out that i was dialated to a 5 today and one more thing that when my mom was in labor with me she didnt know it all she knew that her bp had shot up and when she went to the hospital she was in labor and she was in labor for 24 hrs and didnt feel one bit of pain until she had to push me out so not everyone feels labor pain which i think are the lucky ones cause ohh boy does it hurt but i think you will be ok just think of not feeling them as a gift cause i've been having real contractions for almost 3 weeks now they start and stop of course but its a pain cause they dont stay but good luck and take care and have a happy holiday


Renee924 - December 29

I read your story about the midwife on another post. I feel with you. I was also extremely stressed yesterday. I'll try to give the condensed version. I've been on bedrest for 3 months because of high blood pressure, and have been told by my ob and the office's other ob that I'd be induced at 39 weeks (Jan.4) because there was no point in risking any problems when she'd be just as healthy at 39 weeks as she would be at 40. My ob just had a baby herself so she's been out for a few weeks and somehow between her being gone and the holidays I've seen the nurse practioner the last few visits. This lady, she told me I was 30-40% effaced at 24 weeks and was wrong. She told me the visit before last that the baby was really low, and I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, then this last visit said that the baby was really high "still". Anyway, somehow my induction has slipped under the radar and hasn't been scheduled, even though it's only six days away. My ob is returning Wed. from her maternity leave. The NP wanted me to schedule a doc. appt on Thursday and I insisted that if they wouldn't call my ob then they schedule me for Wed. so I could speak to her. I was beyond stressed out and hysterical. I know it sounds crazy but I've just been focused on this date to stay sane through bed rest so to tell me that it might not happen made me go a bit crazy. Anywho, so I'm hoping now that she'll still be able to do it the day after my appointment. Especially if they dont' want to risk what my blood pressure could do to the baby, not getting the induction will make it 10x worse.


Lala - December 29

Any "labor" that doesn't lead to birth (and wasn't stopped by docs) is FALSE LABOR. Take care ladies!


Tammy276 - December 29

Your right lala, but thats not what she is asking. Renee924, you could definately be having contractions and not feeling them, up until the point you go into labor. Some woman dialate all they way to 9 or 10 before they go into labor and start feeling their contractions, and have their babies 20 minutes after they felt their first contraction. When my mom went into labor with me and my sister, from the time she felt her first contraction to the time she has us was one hour, so it can happen fast. When I was preggo w/ my son, I was 100% effaced and 3 cm dialated at my 36 week appt. already, which tells me I was having real contractions at some point, I just never felt them....And like you, I am am freaking out this time that I am not going to know when I am in labor if I can't feel my contractions!!


byansmommy - December 29

well im in labor again just nothing that progressing cause it started at 7:30 this morning i was at the hopital at 11 and i was still 5cm and having contractions about 2-4 mins apart and they were going to break my water but the baby is still to high up to do that and with me living an hour away im afraid that im not going to make it cause they said that once i start having really strong contractions that i need to get up there but with me already at a 5 i dont know how long its going to take once they really start coming but they keep on telling me on your going to have this baby this weekend and this baby still isnt here yet im getting sooo fustrated but anyway take care and have a happy holiday


byansmommy - December 29

oh im still having the contractions 2-4 mins apart but nothing to strong right now


mgour - April 15

Okay those who say you'll know..that's not right every body is different . my first I was 42 weeks induced 3 times went to 10cm and didn't feel my contractions just back pain constantly the Dr had to tell me when in was having a contraction to push. Over 2hours later had an emergency csection. Baby #2 I had BH, which i didn't with #1.. Thought this was good, I might feel my contractions.. I went in for prescreening for csection at 38weeks and was told I was 4cm and in labour. Baby was born 4hours later via csection. I mean I was in no pain, no tightness, laughing and making jokes with the nurses and drs while in active labour. This is baby#3 super strong BH every 30min for 5 days now! 5 days ago I was 1cm and that night I was having BH every 6-8min for 3hours only ro have then go to 30min..Toco machine barely registered them but I didn't talk through them.. Its all different..its just very scary having this history and require a csection (rules here) and feel like I'm not being monitored enough..



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