If You Get Induced Will You Give Yourself An Enema

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Chrissy - May 12

Sorry girls, I know this is a disgusting topic. I just am so unsure what to do. I am getting induced on Wednesday morning and I was thinking of doing an enema, as much as that freaks me out, before I go in, so I don't go on the table and I also heard it can help things along... I don't know a single thing about enemas, so I am afraid of causing some kind of harm, or making myself sick, or really uncomfortable, or who knows what. IF you have done this before, I would love some advice. Also, if you get induced, do you think you'll give yourself one?? I need help! Thanks in advance! :)


Chrissy - May 12

Also, when would you do it? Like right before you leave, or the night before?? I'm not sure when.


Been There - May 12

Why would you do it? There's no need for an enema. An enema usually moves along what's there already, mostly if you're constipated. I don't think it helps when more arrives. The doctor won't care if you go on the table. He/she will discreetly clean it up and keep going without ever saying a word. If you have an epidural, you may not even realize anything came out. Yes, I've been induced before and didn't bother with an enema.


Chrissy - May 12

The doctor/nurses might not care but I do!! Not really for the indignity of it, but more because it reduces your risk of infection. If you don't go on the table, you don't have to worry about it getting inside of you or your epesiotomy if you have one. That's mostly why, I dont want an infection afterwards.


Been There - May 12

There are millions of women who have given birth and not had an enema first. The doctor is right there to wipe it away and follows up with a swab to prevent infection. I've seen it. But I still have to say that it only counts for what's already there. It won't stop anything that may appear in your system afterwards. So, not knowing how long labor will last, there's a possibility it will be a valiant effort, without desired results. I could be wrong, but it sounds like you're not comfortable with it anyway. If you're worried about the possibility of infection, talk to your doctor. I'm sure they'll tell you if it's necessary or not.


christineg - May 12

I know they used to give you one routinely when you went in to have a baby. They don't any more because they think it's unneccisary, and it stresses the mother. I personally wish they still did it! I know the Dr. doesn't care, but I do. I don't know if I would do one myself at home though. I don't know what kind they used at the hospital or which ones are safe...


pbj - May 12

I answered this on your labor questions. I don't believe it's necessary to give yourself an enema. Your body knows what it's doing and can perform naturally without one. It doesn't help move things along, you feel like you're going to poop regardless. As far as the episotomy/tear goes, I really doubt that a doctor/nurse is going to allow to sit there soiled then st_tch you up. They clean it up, change your little pad thing (you lie on it during labor), and clean you up. I don't really feel they're beneficial, but like I said on the other forum you should discuss the pros and cons with your doctor.


Livis - May 12

Chrissy, I hear you! I've also thought about this and would do it in a heart beat. My first was induced but all I did to avoid this was not eat the night prior.


mama-beans - May 13

I didn't bother when I was induced ( TWICE ) for my daughter, but then again... at the hospital I deliver at, when you get to the pushing stage, they break down your bed and get your legs in these stirrups so your rump is kind of hanging over a bit of a ledge, and there is a garbage can below, so if I did poo ( and I have no idea if I did or not) it would never have landed on any table to be wiped away, it would have just fallen down into the garbage can. I won't bother with an enema this time either. I'm not embara__sed at all by my body doing what it is supposed to! If I poo, that just means I'm pushing correctly, and I don't think about it past that point.


starr - May 13

I don't think I would do that. Like some of the other ladies said, it's probably unnecessary. I thought an enema was a type of laxative and we know that most laxatives don't work in one trip to the bathroom so who's to say that your body won't still be reacting to that enema when you are induced so that may end up causing a real mess while you're in labor. The only thing my midwife said was to eat something light like a salad or something. Personally when my contractions started coming hard and strong I didn't care what happened on that table. All I wanted to do was get my baby out safely and get rid of those pains.So at that point I could've peed,pooped, farted,vomitted(which I did) whatever and I would not have cared because the pain overtook all of that. Actually I do remember when I was in labor with one of my sons, I told them I had to use the BR and they said well you can just go on the bed and they would clean it or go in a bedpan but I wanted to get up and walk anyway so I went to the BR. In other words, who cares? The main subject is getting the baby out healthy and making sure you're ok. Good Luck to everyone.


mishy - May 14

Apparently there is no guarantee that it will stop mess happening anyway. Don't do it, why discomfort yourself further? Good luck with your induction!



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