If You Have Bad Lower Back Pain Is That A Contraction

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Maureen - September 30

I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and have been having lower back pain here and there. But I have not had any Classic signs of Contractions yet. When I get lower back pain, could that be the Contractions? And does that mean I will have a very painful Labour? Pls let me know! I'll be delivering anytime soon!


Maureen - October 1

Hi again, I was just wondering, has anybody figured this out yet? Pls let me know as soon as possible!


Brooke - October 1

HI maureen. I am at 32 weeks and i have been getting severe back pain for the last month. I dont think it would be a contraction. I get it sometimes where it sort of jars my back up for a second or too. I was told its just the baby putting pressure on your spine. Contractions from what i hear are in the abdomen so i wouldnt worry just yet. good luck wid ur bubby


kellie - October 2

it could very well be contractions i would talk to your doc about it my friend had back labor threw her whole preg thank god i have never had to deal with it from what i hear it is painful but does not mean that you are going to have a painful labor or difficult..Good luck


Sam - November 3

Hey maureen-well guess your baby would have already arrived by now :-) Im 37 weeks pregnant and had a show on sunday morning and got told today by m/w baby is 3/5 engaged,ive been gettin lots of period type cramping in my lower belly and my lower back on and off and was just wondering if this could be things starting..Thanx for any help/replys :-D Luv Sam+Bump EDD-24th/nov/04


Melissa - November 3

When I had the back pain it was because the baby dropped, so maybe that is why..it went away thank god! I am now 39 weeks and just want this baby out!


chrissy - December 2

i am 35 weeks i had back labor wit my first kid and last week i had really bad back pain again they were contractions they gave me stuff through an iv to stop it good luck


niki - December 3

i think the position of baby contibutes to pain in labour, if baby is lying posterior ( with it;s back facing towards your back) it can cause irratic back labour pains. These apparantly become gradually worse if in real labour.


candice - December 8

hi im 39 weeks preganant tomorrow and i had very bad ains last night in my back too but they went away this morning and are now coming back i think it may be a sign of labor sometime soon. good luck with ur baby x


julia - August 13

i have been having back pain for 2 days is that a sign


to Julia - August 14

Where'd you dig out this old post? LOL! Guess Maureen went into labor. Are you due as well? Good luck. Keep your intutions up and look for more signs.



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