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ashley - June 15

Hello.... I am 34 weeks 2 days pregnant. My husband is working out of town about 150 miles away. My daughter is with my mom for a couple weeks and I am bored... Im anxiously awaiting the arrival of my baby-which I believe to be a son. My next OB appointment is a week from today. I get the GBS test and they said they would go ahead and check me if I wanted... Which I do because I am just curious if there is any sign of change. Im so ready to have this baby. I feel big and am so uncomfortable. I am measuring two weeks ahead on my uterus so I am so ready!!! any body care to chat about pregnancy stuff..... Im here.


Atarahsmommy - June 15

We're pretty close, I'm 34 weeks and 4 days, so is your due date the 20th? did you opt not to find out or were you not able to, I'm having a little girl, my 1st, I am starting to feel the same way I am ready to meet my little girl, but I want her to stay in so that she will be as healthy as possible, sometimes its hard not to wish for her to come though, but I just have to remember that it is best for her to stay in there at this point


Traci76 - June 15

I'm behind you guys, only at 30 weeks, 2 days. Right now, I'm just patiently waiting until I'm 36 weeks so I can have s_x again. LOL I have a little girl, and this one is a boy. :)


Atarahsmommy - June 16

Ashley- Oops, I just read my post, I guess your due date would be the 24th then, right? Hi Traci- its nice to talk to people in the same stage as me, so you are due around end of August then, like the 21st? Congratulations on your little boy. Why do you have to wait untill 36 weeks? Are you having some complications, I hope all goes well


LL - June 16

I'm 34 weeks today, due July 28th. I'm tired of the whole pregnancy deal but not sure if I'm fully prepared for delivery at this point, I've got so much more to do and I'm working full time until the baby decides to come, I need the money and don’t get paid for my maternity leave. Feeling pretty run down and c___ppy lately but I'll manage. This is my second child, my daughter has just turned 12, and I'm now prego with a boy. I feel pretty big as well and I've had a few people at work tell me this week that it looks like the baby has dropped. I'm measuring a week ahead and doc thinks this baby will be big. Hope your all feeling well. Looks like we will all be having our babies around the same time frame, except Traci76, your time will come soon!!


Traci76 - June 16

I'm due August 22nd, but my doctor will induce by August 15th because of my high blood pressure issues. I'm REALLLY hoping to go into labor on my own though, simply because I haven't been able to experience that. I was induced with my daughter at 37 weeks, last minute decision because of high blood pressure. I'm restricted from having s_x because I've been already having the real contractions, not just the b/h. So, I'm hoping that with all the making up we'll be doing, I'll be in labor by 38 weeks!! :)


Atarahsmommy - June 16

Ok, I may sound stupid, but what exactly is the difference between real contractions and BH, I know when you are in active labor that the contractions are consistent and they get closer together, and false labor they don't, but what is the difference between false labor contractions and BH, is it just that false labor contractions have pain and bh are just pressure?


ashley - June 16

atarahsmommy-I am due July 26 according to LMP and July 21 according to U/S. I am having a baby boy. This is my second. Traci76 that would suck not to beable to have s_x ha ha.> Ofcourse I don't mind it most days.


ashley - June 16

LL wow your kids will be far apart! my daughter is 6. I thougth I was spacing it. lol. I too will have a boy. Im so excited. I am starting to feel c___ppy too. atarahsmommy-as far as I know bh are just sportatic and feel like a tightening but no pain. They just feel like a balling up of the stomach.... Real contractions will probably include some pain and around the back.


Traci76 - June 16

Atarahsmommy - that is a really good question, and I'm not sure I even have the answer. I've actually tried to do a lot of research online about it. The contractions I was having felt like menstrual cramps, or a milder version of labor contractions. With my first, I never felt any contractions until they started the Pitocin, and they instantly started strong. So, these milder ones that I'm feeling could feel the same as early labor contractions, but I have nothing to compare it to. Anyway, I'm also having the b/h - where my uterus tightens without pain. It's just the menstrual type ones that they are concerned about. They were detecting them when they had me hooked up, but I also told them about having them more regularly when I go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. I wish I would have kept my mouth shut! LOL


Mommy_Erin23 - June 16

Braxton Hicks contractions feel sort of like your baby has suddenly decided to push out in all directions or a hard tightening, and although they can leave you breathless they dont really hurt. Contractions start like a slow cramping ache, either in your back or low groin and roll their way around, reaching a peak that hurts like bad gas or menstrual pain. Real contractions last about a minute (until you reach the real fun 90sec at the end :P) B/H can last much longer or be much shorter. I found it really hard to tell the difference in my first preg. until I had gone through labor.


ashley - June 17

WEll just checking in. I hope every body is doing well tonight... My husband may come home tonight but its already 10 and I'd prefer after working all day for him not to drive after dark when he's tired in the canyon. He has 123 mile drive. Just from where I parked his truck, but another 37 miles to get to his truck with his equipment where he is working. I know confusing and would be to hard to explain. He is doing 90 miles of road maintanaince up in Yellowstone park area and there are several roads miles apart. So drove down to him today and brougth his truck to him and took my car home. I gave him a ride to his road grader and then drove his truck back to where we left my car so he would have a ride home when he was done.. the reason its so far away is because that is where his next road starts and needed the grader there anyway.. Yeah like you guys needed to know all that.. I hope every one is doing well. I am bored. as usual. Not quite ready for bed yet.


Atarahsmommy - June 19

Sorry I haven't been here for a while out with the in-laws and my parents this weekend. I know what the BH's felt like, glad to have a little better Idea of what to expect for the real thing. Ashley- I kind of know how you feel, DH works a lot, average of 70 hours a week the last 2 weeks, with Saturdays, plus luch breaks and 1 hour-1 1/2 hours of driving. But I at least get to see him every night, even if it is only for a very short time before we go to sleep. Do you work, or are you home alll day? I know how lonley it can get when your home and don't have much to distract you from the fact that hubby is gone! Well good to hear from everyone, hope everyone is doing well, We're getting close only a few more weeks to go


ashley - June 19

well my husband has been staying where he's been working to save on gas. He wont be home this time around until Thursday night. I don't work right now. I just graduated college and want to spend some time with the baby before getting a job. My daughter is with my mom in New Mexico until the baby is born so its JUST ME. and I am BORED. I have been making cookies all day ha ha. I will give them to my father-in-law or the church.



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