Im Confused Whose Is It

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Emily - October 23

okay now dont think im a whore but i have s_x with 3 men at different times, the first guy i have s_x with him all the time, the 2nd guy 1 time and that was on feb 11, 2005 and the 3rd guy was feb 26,2005, i found out i was pregnant march 23, my last period was january 28,2005, im due nov.4,2005, i am now 38 weeks, i will 39 next week, if i am not mistaken isnt the first guy the baby's daddy


lisa - October 23

if you 1st day of last period was jan 28th your fertile days were 14ish days after that date which is around 10th feb, i would say its either no 1 or two, did you stop having s_x with no 1 around beg feb or continue. anyway the most likely time you conceieved is 8-12 feb, but if your periods wernt regular or you dont ovulate in the mid cycle its anyones guess, esspecially as due dates can be wrong, id get a paternity test to be sure, and think about contraception next time!!!!


emily - October 23

yes me and the 1st continued on


S.Mclain - October 24

How could you put yourself in this position and even moreso,your newborn babies.Like who is my daddy ? Good luck in you and your childs future and please use this as a big lesson in life.How sad for your baby to not know who is daddy is.There is a lot of birth control options out there if messing around was what you wanted to do,and if bringing a child into this world was your goal,maybe be more careful next time who you are bedding with,so you will be able to know the answer to your own question.I would feel like double dog doo doo to be in your shoes and have to live with myself.Again,Good Luck and be careful,there is lots of STD's out there.


Maraen - October 24

It would sound like number one is the daddy . Because I am due Nov 15th and my last period was Feb 8th and they say I was "pregnant" Feb 22nd. SO it would need to be the one that you were having s_x with all the time. The guy on Feb 11th couldnt have made you due Nov 4th. But you should still probably have a DNA test done just to be sure. But as long as he was the only on you were with in Dec and Jan then he would be daddy.


K - October 24

Hey Emily, definitely #2 or 1 (#3 is out). Nov 4 is exactly 40wks from your last period, but it all depends on your cycle like lisa said. It can very well be #2 because it would fall right on your ovulation days if you had a 28-30 cycle. I wish you luck the remainder of your pregnancy, and the paternity test. Please be careful so you don't have to be going through this stress and criticism from others.


Jen - October 24

I would say #2 and possibly #1, depending on when you had s_x with him. I am due on 10/31 and I conceived on 2/7, which would line up exactly with your 2/11 and 11/04 dates. If you had s_x with #1 around 2/7, it could be his but it is more likely #2. Will you do a paternity test once the baby is born to make sure - it's the only fair way to do it for the sake of your baby. I guess that I am just wondering if this post is legit - shouldn't you have thought about this before now?


emily - October 24

yeah i have been thinking about it, i been thinking about it for a minute



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