Im Due The 25th Of November Too

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Jen in Tx - October 28

Im due Nov 25th and im having a girl too! we are naming our angel Gracie....she was given to us by the grace of god. Has anyone with the same due date started to thin out yet???


DD - October 28

I'm due Nov 25 also...I'm only 1cm and 50% effaced.We're having a girl too,Elina we can't wait!


Lynn - October 28

I'm due the 29th and as of last week I wasn't anything. I didn't get checked this week though, I'll find out more next thursday hopefully I'll be something!


Christy - October 28

I am due 11/26 with a boy. I have not had an internal exam yet, so I have no idea if I am dilated or effaced.


Alissa - October 28

I am also due the 25th of novemeber we are having our first baby and its a boy his name is going to be Daven Lanch.


Krissy - October 28

I'm also due november 25 and having a girl, Kiya Ann


Jen - October 28

I'm due 11/26...having a boy. I have had 2 exams so far and nothing really going on yet. Maybe next week!


Jen - October 28

Jen in TX- what city are you in? I'm in Houston!


michelle - October 30

due 25th nov, i'm having a girl too, recent scan showed my placenta is calcified. we don't know what grade , am waiting for another scan this week, has anyone else been told this, i hear it makes baby's come early?! am very uncomfortable now. baby so low and heavey, scan showed she weighs 6lb that was last week (21/10), having lots of heart burn and sleep less nights!


Steph - October 31

I am also due November 25th with a little girl - Joanna. Two weeks ago when doc checked me nothing was happening and last week he checked again due to lots of pressure and he felt her head so she has moved down alot. I have my next appointment this Wednesday so we'll see what he says then. I can' t wait - Keep the posts and updates coming ladies! :)


Brandi - November 1

Me too! Well, they keep changing the due date but Im keeping this one. I just feel he will be born around then. They uped it to Dec.2nd. uhhhh! Im naming him Talan Ray! Im so excited!


Brooke - November 1

My original due date was November 26th. However, now they say my little girl's due date is December 5th. I hope she comes closer to the old one though...... Imagine that.... I haven't had any internal exams yet. Just having some cramping here and there.



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