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amanda - January 17

hey ladies just want to hear im right haha. i just tried calling out of work the nice way im 39 weeks pregnant im a nurses aide and they basically said i couldnt so i had to leave a message so we will see but the worst part is they keep putting me on the hard side lately which in it self p___ses me off im exhausted today and i asked where i was and what do you know im on the end i hate any advice when they call back i dont think they can fire me im scheduleed to work today thurs sat and sun i plan on going in the rest of the week unless i go into labor which i hope i do im so sick of being fake i want to bne selfish and stay hiome and be lazy with my 2 year old all day ok i feel better


mel - January 17

sounds like the people you are working for are being extremely I wouldn't feel at all guilty about taking off and having some "you time" before the baby gets here. have at it, girl!


Charity - January 17

Have you asked your doctor to give you a letter stating you need to be out for the remainder of your pregnancy. By law they can't fire you for being pregnant or calling in.


i dunno - January 17

I'm sort of torn on this - because on the one hand, you know that the work you do can be, and often is hard, and being 39 weeks. I think you should have already left for maternity leave. By sticking it out, you may just be putting a strain on your coworkers.


Kel - January 17

I just have to say way to go for working so long!!! That takes a lot of energy I can imagine, especially in your line of work. They shouldn't give you a hard time, you are most important and the health of you baby. Working in a hospital environment they should all know that first hand and understand. If I was that close to my due date, I would probalby take off and relax until that little one came. I plan to work as long as I can. But once I hit my due date and that baby is not here, I'll be taking off work until she arrives. Good luck and take it easy!


Hannah - January 17

Hi, it is fascinating how few people are sympathetic to a pregnant lady, interestingly women are least supportive! Sorry to hear about your troubles. Why don't you chat w your OB. Your doc may be able to get you out of work sooner.


Annette - January 17

Hannah, I am totally with you and I have been saying it for the last couple months. Some people behave as if us being pregnant affected them at a personal level.


kris A. - January 17

Well, being pregnant does affect your coworkers - they didn't get you pregnant and they do have to pick up slack when you take the easier part of the job. It's why people don't want to work with lazy people OR pregnant women (please dont infer that I am saying pregnant women are lazy - far from it!!) I have a 7 week old now, and took off work on my 40th week - work was RELIEVED I wasn't there any more... then happy to have me back a short 6 weeks later. I did get comments in my last month that frustrated the heck out of me, but in retrospect was true - from their point of view. It sucks, I know, but being gracious under fire will make you look great in the end. Hang in there, you are almost through!


amanda - January 17

well kris maybe in some jobs it does affect others i guess maybe in a way i do affect others but oh well we have tons of girls on light duty for stupid reasons also im ont tryign to take the easiest one but why should i take all the combative people there are different lists someone has to take it doesnt have to be me .work could be a ot more pleasant with out causing hardship on opthers for me being a burden lol ive had to pick up the slack when others were pregnant its a c ircle that will never end its my turn to finally get a lesser load and well im living it up maternity leave will be over before i know it


To Amanda - January 17

enjoy being lazy I say!!! you deserve it right no, and you're a nurses aid so you have a job in the medical field which means you're in demand and finding another job (if need be) would not be a problem!



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