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Tina Marie - November 9

I had my doc appointment today and I am 3.5 cm dialated and she said the baby is down low and ready. The doc said she expected to see me back tonight or tomorrow. This has been the longest afternoon in the world!!!! I am so excited, scared, nervous and thrilled all at once. I do not think it seems real until today! I know that sounds silly, but now she is really on her way! I wanted to walk today but it is raining like crazy. So I have tried to stay active in the house. Will I know when "real" labor starts? I have had lots of back cramps but nothing in the front, but I also have never really had braxtin hicks in the front either. Sorry I know I am


~:) - November 9

Believe me you will know when real labour starts. It real be when contractions are so bad you can hardly walk or talk. Good luck to you and your baby! Let us know how it goes!


Tati - November 9

It sounds like your body is really if you dont go into labor today you will soon. The best thing to do is not focus to much on your cramps and aches because they will get worse they will let you know when you are ready to go. Try to stay busy with what ever you like to do that way time will go faster.


lisa - November 10

when the contractions come, if youre like me, there is no mistaking them, i went in with false labour at 39 weeks thinking mabie this was it, but everyone was right, if theres a doubt in your mind as to if its rea labour, its not, i was writhing in pain and couldnt even move from bed. i was not engaged and only 1cm 3 hours before i gave birth, so i guess you never know. good luck i hope its soon, i was 12 days over and know waiting drives you insane, my litte girl was 1 week yesterday!!


Michelle - November 10

I had little cramps when I had my first child, but the big one that clued me was when my water broke.... that was when the true labour started! Good luck and enjoy the new bundle!



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